Thursday, 20 March 2008

SuJu’s Han Kyung to carry the Olympic flame

Han Kyung, the sole Chinese member of Korean mega boyband Super Junior is set to proudly bear the Olympic torch, thanks to an online survey conducted by Coca-Cola China, one of the sponsors of the Beijing Olympics.

Fans voted the 24-year-old as the most wanted person to run with the flame and the Olympics organisational committee agreed.

“I’m extremely pleased and honoured to be a torch-bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics,” said Han Kyung.

Han Kyung was chosen as torch bearer because of his efforts in promoting “the cultural exchange of China in Korea and the rest of Asia as part of 13-member group Super Junior (or SuJu for short). Thus, the young man is set to be part of the Olympic flame-carrying team in Beijing from August 6 to 8.

But before that, Han Kyung will take an oath as a rep of the Olympic flame carrier on March 24 in China. The ceremony will be broadcast on CCTV-5 and Guangdong TV, the official Chinese channels for the 2008 Olympics.

Congrats Han Kyung, make sure the flame doesn’t snuff out while you run your stretch ;-).

Source & Pic credit: KBS Global

Super Junior coming to Malaysia?


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy for him! He is such a sweety pie and he totally deserves this! XD I wonder where he'll be running it

Danielle said...

Ah, he's a cutie :) I'm glad China is so proud of him and his talent isn't being underestimated.

Nothing like a little fan-dom to bring countries together I suppose :D

Arin said...

Haha, a good way to promote the event considering how many fans that Suju has around Asia (or even the whole world)! :D

Yeah, I'm glad for him too!

Ninonoi said...

So happy for him..
i hope i can see him live carrying the olympic flame in malaysia tv..huhuh..

do u think it will be shown in our local tv live??

n d s v n t h said...

I like him the most (despite the fact i dont fancy SuJu at all..)
but he's really a sweety pie..


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