Thursday, 20 March 2008

Eva Popiel plays golf in Fila

'Annyeonghaseyo! Check out my new glove.
I can whack you with it'

Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies participant and actress Eva Popiel held a fan meet at the Shinsegye department store on March 16, in conjunction with the launch of Fila’s Spring/Summer 2008 golf clothing line.

Eva is the model for the women's collection.

The event looks kind of boring...the poster and pictures of Eva are *yawn* boring too. But then again, I don’t play golf.

'How do I spell your name?'

Eva chats with a fanboy

Let's see, what else should I scribble?

This glove is awesome. It kept my left hand warm throughout the
fan meet! Buy it, it's only $39.95.

Source: Newsen
Pics credit: Hankooki & Newsen

More on Eva Popiel at:
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Anonymous said...

*LOL* I love the comments under the photos.


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