Monday, 10 March 2008

T.O.P. and Sandara Park kiss

T.O.P of Big Bang and Sandara Park lock lips (or nearly) for Gummy's new MV I'm Sorry.

Gummy's 4th studio album Comfort is the singer's first in three years. More stills from the MV below.

Game: Sandara Park tries her luck in Korea

Breakable: 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest
...oh, this isn't a fairytale'

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

Sandara Park: From the Philippines (back) to Korea

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sezling said...

wow sandara park looks REALLY young!! she looks like a high school student?? TOP looks like he's improved in his expressions~ in his last acting stint (I Am Sam) he was still quite visibly awkward and rigid

Anonymous said...

I thought it was two girls hahaha

Chelsea said...

top looks mighty sexy in that mirror picture. hah. `;]

sheela said...

hoi sandara krung-krung!! get off of Top!!

Anonymous said...

in fairness, sandy looks pretty in this video.

but yeah she'll always be krung-krung no matter what. hahaha!

riszianaaaa said...

my heart is aching!!!!

who? said...

oh yeah i'll show this to my TOP-fan friend, she'll go bonkers wahaha

Arin said...

no wonder she looks so familiar! haha, I did watch her acting in the Filipino movie 'Till Death Do Us Apart' before. I have nothing against her, but this will sure make all TOP fans heart-broken. tehee.

Belle said...

kpopped girls, if you didnt know, umm krung-krung is a tagalog slang meaning unpredictably crazy and funny(?). she got that name for her unique kfashion while in Philippines. ehh. sorry if you guys already know that.

BUTT the kiss looks awkwards. seems to me like Sandara needs to tilt her head more.. and pout her lips a tinny bit.. because if that was me.. then heheheh. i can probably swallow him whole. hehe ^^

Liz said...

@belle, nope didn't know that krung krung was...but now I do! Thanks :-)

sandarfan said...

sabdara was so cute when she was in the P.I. in this video she looks like a beautiful young lady. i wish her great success in her homeland and i hope she wont forget her followers in the P.I.

Anonymous said...

she can't act. and to top it all she just didn't ditch her career in the philippines. her old friends too! well actually i am one of them so i really have a grudge on her. she was really begging for our support before when she was just starting. to vote for her so that she could win the star cirle quest. she's a so-so. i hope korean media can read this. so that they will know her true color.

cling2_91 said... violent reactions...(i hope)..this is my own opinion though..

when you give..don't expect anything in return. You can give in any, food, shelter and a lot other things too. One would be in the form of support or help..

No matter how the person ask, if you'll say yes, you can't blame her/him..because at the end you were the one who made that decision after all.

If she was not a good friend, at least you were..

In the end, it's better to be fooled than be the one who's fooling others.

human is human. Imperfect. Mistakes are always visble.
Forgiveness isn't impossible.
Be happy at least you were one of the reasons who gave her what she has now...



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