Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Bronwyn Mullen and Jang Dong-geon in beer CF

The girls of popular KBS talk show Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies are going places, aren't they?

On TV: Bronwyn Mullen of South Africa filmed a
CF with Jang Dong-gun.

We've seen Uzbek model Jamilya debut as a singer in Korea, British beauty Eva in the K-drama Likeable Or Not and just yesterday, I discovered that South African Bronwyn Mullen made a commercial with heartthrob Jang Dong-gun!

It was for Max beer and it's really cute :-). Watch it below!

Here's a little bit more on Bronwyn: The 24-year-old exchange student went to Korea in 2005 to major in media studies.

She had to choose between Malaysia, Japan and Korea to further her education.

"I'd already been to Malaysia, I'd already studied Japanese, but I hadn't been to Korea. I wanted to come to Korea," Bronwyn said in an interview last year.

In love: ...but a little reluctant to
talk about her romance

She decided to appear on the KBS talk show because she needed the money.Tuition fees were sky high and she felt bad for her parents who were footing the bill.

"Korea is very expensive," Bronwyn sighed.

One of the things that fascinates Bronwyn is Korea's office workers. "They drink too much," she said. "They sing too much. Their wives, sons and daughters suffer. Why don't they go home?"

Well, let's hope the man she's dating won't fall into that category. When asked about him, the South African shyly said: "He is Korean. Love is private."

Source: DigitalChosunilbo
Pics credit: DigitalChosunilbo & MyDaily

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Anonymous said...

Why would a woman in a beer campaign complain about men drinking too much? :-P
Although I have wondered how Korea is still a functioning society with all that drinking going on, hehe

sezling said...

k-pop rubba: lol maybe she needed the money

she seems pretty down to earth though. and brave to complain about korean drinking and noraebang habits when everyone knows thats part of the culture! she knows jap too? argh the 2 languages I want to learn ><

thanks for the news!

jehan said...

haha! complain about it yet campaign about it when you need the money...

as for me, i come from the cold part of our country and people really opt to drink and sing a lot too to beat the cold and release the pressure from work.. one thing more, i saw before in the arirang channel that noreabang (karaoke) is among the top destressing habits of koreans... she should try it when she sees her sky high tuition and other fees and bills, it will surely ease her tension...


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