Wednesday, 26 March 2008

TRIVIA: Who's the lady in red?

Make a guess now. Who is this Korean singer/actress dressed in red?

Her new drama will be aired after Hong Gil-dong ends its run on the KBS network.

Answer (March 27):

Yup, all you Eugene (or Yoo Jin) fans, it's your favourite erstwhile S.E.S singer!

The Love Truly actress is set to play a mom in her latest drama Three Dads, One Mom, which will be aired over the KBS network (Astro Channel 303 in Malaysia) once Hong Gil-dong ends.

She and her co-stars were out and about in Seoul yesterday to promote the drama series :-).

Three men and a lady: (Left to right) Jo Hyun-jae,
Eugene, Jae Hee & Shin Seong-rok

Cast: Eugene with her co-stars

Crackberry: 'Aww, c'mon Eugene, get off your Blackberry already!
We're having a press conference right now'

Eugene in Three Dads, One Mom

Pics credit: Newsen


Chianz said...

I know... ^^ That lady in pink was
Sung Yu-Ri ...

Yang said...


TiNnE said...

Yoon Eun Hye?

LOOPEY said...

its yoojin! oh wait, eugene! :D

noV said...

i think it's Eugene?

why this trivia is the same like in

Chianz said...

Oh my GoD... It is Eugene!!!!

Orchid said...

@nov Thanks for letting us know. I didn't know that this same trivia is on PopSeoul until you made a comment about it.

Actually we put it up first since our entry is dated 26 March and at PopSeoul it is dated 27 March. ;-)

So it should be...why is K-popped!'s trivia on PopSeoul?


anna said...

it's yoo jin... :)

Gail T. said...

LOL orchid.

it's my favorite eugene! :D yay. and her drama has jae hee. i gotta watch this one.. :D

Liz said...

Hi All, Answer to the trivia is online! Check out the singer-turned-actress with the hunks from her latest drama!



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