Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Unstoppable Marriage wedding

Co-stars Seo Do-young and Park Chae-kyung donned the tux and gown (respectively) for a photoshoot for their popular daily sitcom Unstoppable Marriage. The pair plays a couple on the currently-airing KBS series.

Yeeeh: What's 'Yeeeh'? As in 'Yeeh, no way!'? :-P
A simple "Yes" or "Yeah" would be more appropriate

Couple: Seo Do-young (foreground) with Park Chae-kyung

The show basically revolves around Madam Shim and her four sons – Ki Baek, Lee Baek, Sam Baek and Sa Baek. Her eldest son, Ki Baek (Seo) has fallen for Miho (Park), who happens to be the daughter of her enemy Goo Gook. Hilarity ensues.

It takes two: Friends and lovers jumping for joy

Tussle: 'Why is your piggy cuter than mine?'

I have not watched a complete episode of the series as it's airing at 4 something in the afternoon (Astro channel 303)? Am I correct? Not a very good time for me. Who's a fan of the series?


Unstoppable Marriage at KBS

Pics credit: Newsen


LOOPEY said...

IM A FAN IM A FAN! *raise hand.

domo choayooo :)

its really funny, but yeah i must agree, its not the right slot, but hey i get off school in the afternoon, heeeee :DDD

Lee Jeung is very impressing playing the 'stupid' one, and Sooyoung & Yuri are a bit annoying but funny, heh and uhm i love everyone's character, its a good drama ^^

Anonymous said...

useless show.. boring .. senseless and stupid.. a complete waste of time.

3sha 21♥ said...


dis is my frst time to comment on ur blog although im an avid reader and luv it so much..

i jst hve to say that dis drama is good, everyone played their characters very well... and its funny...

Gail T. said...

i saw the movie of the same name with eugene and the handsome ha seok jin.
i loved it. :D but i've always like eugene.. so i'm biased. i haven't seen any episode of this drama, though.

MimieJay said...

I'm a big fan of this show!!

it airs at 4.20pm to 5.00pm everyday and best collection on tuesday 1.30pm(?)

i lovee Kim Dong Wook character!
300! 400 obviously the cutest! hehe


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