Sunday, 13 April 2008

F.T. Island Live in Thailand 2008 concert

F.T. Island performed live at Bangkok's Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon Shopping Center on April 12, 2008 (Saturday). The concert kicked off at 7pm and from the looks of the photos, the concert was a success.

Fans in Thailand must have had a blast. If you went to the concert, please share your experience with us. :-)

FT Island boys looking mighty fine in white giving
their Thai fans a taste of their music

Leader of the group Choi Jong Hun on guitar

Oh Won Bin rocks!

Lee Hong Gi serenades on lead vocals

Lee Jae Jin on his Fender Jazz Bass

...and baby of the group, Choi Min Hwan

Jae Jin, Won Bin and Hong Gi greets their fans

FT Island in concert, Bangkok 2008


ftislandfan,malaysia said...

sigh... :(

hope they enjoy their time there..

-XioN- said...

haihz... guess its not their fault since they can have their concert in Thailand but not in Malaysia... :(.. i wanna see them.. jung hun... <3

Valerie said...

wow. jong hun looks soo good in that pic!

did they actually play live? i know they hongki has an awesome voice but i've never heard them actually play their instruments. it was always from a backing track.
amongst all the chaos, thanks for posting this k-popped!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kpopped Sisters..

Last nite i was looking for news on Ft Island's concert in Thailand and came across a few articles. But one article cought my attention So i asked my dearest Thai friend to translate the article for me and thought of sharing it with u guys

"F.T Island" First Live in Thailand 2008 (Translated by Tan)

The show of F.T Island has 20 songs and The 2 opening songs are F.T Island and Reo Reo. Then they greeted all Primadonnna with Hong Ki’s joke “Do you know Annyong in Malaysia?” which make all fans laugh. And he said again “Do you know Annyong in Thai?” Then they all said “hello (in thai)” and introduced themselves.

After that they continued with smooth and slow 3 songs (천둥 , 눈물이 더 가까운 사람 and 첫키스)

For Jung Hoon’s solo, he played piano in Saranghaeto Dweagayo song and followed by Won Bin’s solo with the songs Like I Love You and Yeah. Min Hwan showed drum and sang Sarang Seurowo (Kim Jung Kook’s). Hong Ki showed rap in the song Ne-ehkae Seunun Byulsi. And Last solo of Jae Jin, he sang Faith. And they continued with 3 songs.

After that they changed into black clothes and sang Out of Control, 너 올 때까지 and한사람만 (last 2 song, the MVs’re opened also)

Now come to last part of concert, Hong Ki said to fans “You’ll never forget this concert , and I’ll never forget you” And end with songs Primadonna and 사랑앓이. Also Hong Ki brought the water gun and played in the concert.

When the concert ended, all fans still wait and called “F.T I.S.L.A.N.D Let’s Go!!” Then F.T Island came back on the stage with사랑이야 and 행복합니다. And now it’s really end of concert.

Pic on 11 ::

More concert pic::

ADD ::: People who bought ticket with the price 4000฿, will have chance to play songkran(Thai festival) with FT today(13)also.

These are some picture of FT taken today.

In the web broad :: Fans also said that Hong Ki is sick during the concert. And not much fan in the concert especially 4000฿ tickets, they said they can run around to see all view of FT


News Posted: April 13th

Anonymous said...

HUHUHU..still sad they didn't perform here in Malaysia..and i went for the ticket refund process yesterday..but i couldn't find the venue n when i asked the information counter there..they told me that the CI Enter didn't show up..what the *&%?!!..i wish FT Island will come again here..this time with better concert management..

meiruo_chan said...

They really love Thailand do they? I know it's their second time there. The 1st is their showcase. Well, maybe the management there is in good terms with them.

Chianz said...

Min-Hwan and Jung Hun is so cute... ^^

Anonymous said...

looks like they're having a good time on stage :)

Liz said...

Thanks Orchid for the update! The boys look relaxed and like they're having fun up there!

Momo_love_siwon, thank you for the update and picture links. Saw the boys playing at the Songkran festival! What a blast! :-)

Anonymous said...

hey momo_loves_siwon..thanks for sharing that... my friends and i are wondering why hongki was not present during the festival.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling mighty BITTER that their concert was successful.Hmmph. Call me selfish but I can't help it since I didn't get to see them LIVE in Malaysia.


miya said...

^ i understand your feelings... i felt the same way too...
i actually cried.. coz i couldn't get to see them perform here in malaysia.. I WAS ACTUALLY VERY NEAR TO DEM. ROW3.. if they continued with the concert.. but im just happy that they're happy~

Anonymous said...

^ I also was in row 3 *sigh* and to think that I actually rushed out to buy the tickets.

Anonymous said...

For a personal account of the Thai concert, check this out:

pimm said...

I'm a thai fan and i went to their concert...yea it's true that Hong ki said 'How do u say Unyong in Malaysia' as momo-love-siwon said...i think they must still be hurt by the concert cancellation...

but the concert started like 1hrs late...but i guess it's normal...cuz they were also late for the press conference

the boys are great...they are really cheerful and interactive ^^
Hong ki actually cries when he sang First Kiss...
Jaejin is the best with playing with the audience...
Jong hoon look very anglic in white during his solo
Wonbin...OMG...soooo Hot...
Minhwan...CUTE...feel sorry that he couldn't move around like the rest of the band

We also have a water playing festival in Thailand (Songkran) on the 13th and fans got a chance to play with them...really cute in wet look...>///< but Hongki was sick...
after that they went to pattaya (seaside) and i didn't have the chance to follow them but still...

I really felt sorry for Primadonna in Malaysia...but i don't think its the boys fault that their concert got cancelled


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