Monday, 14 April 2008

Speed Racer exclusive extended trailer

Hey all you people who are waiting patiently for the movie Speed Racer (in which Rain will play Taejo Togokhan), the exclusive extended trailer has just been released today!

Go Speed Racer...
watch the special exclusive extended trailer

Trailer courtesy of Warner Bros. Hit the link below to watch it!
Watch Speed Racer exclusive extended trailer!

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Speed Racer (2008)


Valerie said...

ohh! i love how vibrant the colors are! i'm excited! it's gonna be so awesome on the big IMAX screen. thanks for posting up the new trailer!
and dang, matthew fox looks soo good towards the end. i thought his face would be partially covered the whole movie.

Anonymous said...

I think this movie will do pretty well if only b/c the WB are directing ^_^ It looks alright...not my kind of movie but a great mindless but entertaining summer flick.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see it. I think im gonna try to see it in Koreatown or something the day it comes out. I hope there's lots of Bi fans there!

Liz said...

Looks awesome! Check out the souped up cars! Kewl. Go Speed, Go!

Orchid said...

Hey all, here's ANOTHER Speed Racer trailer. One of our readers sent in this link.

Speed Racer Trailer

Emile Hirch reminds me of a young Jason Bateman. And check out the part where Rain goes..."Don't try to show off!" =)

Bi SarangHae! Hwaiting!

ippeunyujah said...

heyyy guys!! guess what!!
for anyone living in LA you are luckyyyyyy because BI OPPA is gonna be there next friday!! apparently there's a screening of speed racer at the imaginasian thater (i live less than 45 minutes away from there!!!!!) and he's gonna be there for it!! im gonna try to look around online for tickets.. if not ill definitely be standing there waiting for him.. look for me!! HAHA<3:P

Liz said...

@ippeunyujah, wah, you guys are a lucky bunch. Have fun! ;-)

fraulein said...

Good on ya, ippeunyujah!

Have fun and hope you spot Bi !!
= P


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