Thursday, 3 April 2008

Gianna Jun in Blood: The Last Vampire

Here’s a look at the first image of Gianna Jun a.k.a Jeon Ji-hyeon’s Hollywood debut Blood: The Last Vampire.

School kid: Uh-huh that "little girl" in the centre there
is 27-year-old Jun Ji-hyun

Doesn’t she look like a teenager? The live-action remake of the Japanese anime is directed by French helmer Chris Nahon (Kiss of the Dragon).

Behind-the scenes: 'Don't get sassy with me.'

In the film, the 27-year-old Hallyu star plays Saya, a vampire who is part of a covert government agency that hunts and destroys demons in post WWII Japan. Saya is sent to infiltrate a military school to find out which one of her classmates is a demon!

Back to school: Gianna Jun heads back to the
classroom for her Hollywood flick

Source & Pics credit:

Gianna Jun finds True Religion in jeans
Jeon Ji-hyeon's Laneíge story


Orchid said...

Gianna Jun will speak in English? Or will there be minimal dialog for her in the movie?

Anonymous said...

WHAT. Hahaha, I love her. But... a teenager? She doesn't look like one at all! Or maybe I've seen too many of her movies as her playing someone around the marrying-age.

Anonymous said...

the looks young to me. making her look small helps-- when did she get so short o_O

Anonymous said...

the=she lol

jicks said...

I'm pretty sure I read she was taking English classes for this film. But if you've seen the anime movie, you'll realise that Saya wasn't exactly overly talkative...

lol I think it's just those 2 guys who are giants. But I can't help but just go "WOAH" at the size of their faces compared to Ji Hyun.

What on Earth do you define as "marrying age"??? It's not like she getting married is a hobby of hers in her movies...

Orchid said...

Now that you all mention it, yeah she looks small compared to those men. Maybe it's a camera trick. Like in LOTR where they made the hobbits shorter. ;-)

Liz said...

Orchid, are you calling Jeon Ji-hyeon a hobbit?? :-P

Rooster said...

What an adorable hobbit!

Anonymous said...

She looks young to me. i love Ji Hyun.. can't wait to watch this :) i watched an interview of ji hyun by a hong kongs broacast. channel a few years ago. i'm suprised, she actually speaks english, but with a korean accent of course but she's quite good. She just need to brush up her pronounciation. I believe she will be just fine..


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