Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Introducing Super Junior-M

Wait a minute, i am confused! It's not enough that Korea's largest boy band Super Junior has 12(+1) members, now i find out that there are subgroups in Super Junior?

Super Junior-M (슈퍼주니어-M) is the 3rd official subgroup of SuJu. Super Junior-M consists of five Super Junior members namely Han Geng, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry and Zhou Mi. The group is a combination of Korean and Chinese members. My guess is, Henry and Zhou Mi are Chinese. Super Junior-M is probably formed by SM Entertainment's head honcho Lee Soo-man to break into the Chinese market. "M" stands for "Mandarin" if you are curious.

Today (8 April 2008) marks the birth of Super Junior-M

There's also Super Junior-T, which is the 2nd official subgroup of Super Junior. "T" stands for "trot" and if you are guessing that SuJu-T are a group of guys who come together and perform trot music, then you got that right! SuJu-T consist of these Super Junior boys: Leeteuk, Heechul, Kang-In, Shindong, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk.

Are there any more Super Junior subgroups? Of course! There's Super Junior-K.R.Y. What does that stand for? Well, i am not telling you... ;-) Find out for youself. This is getting out of hand...they are multiplying faster than rabbits. =)

View Super Junior-M's debut Music Video:
Cos I can't stop thinking 'bout you girl


Carolina said...

I found out yesterday about SJ-M and I really luv it!!
They made a fresh version of 'U' which is cool and besides, Siwon oppa is there also so yeyyy!!!
Yeah there's SJ-T and KRY also...but all of them are good :D
I know there's been a lot of fuzz on this new subgroup, but do they really have to be like that?? shouldn't the fans support their fav artists???
I'm so Pro-Super Junior M right now!!
Hwaiting boys!!!!
Besides....they all look hot!!! xD

Anonymous said...

I actually like SUJU-M better than the original super junior-- That's just too many to keep track of! But SUJU T is my favorite spin off of the super junior franchise :-P
Plus I LOVE HENRY! OMG I have always had a thing for Canadian-Asian boys hehe

-XioN- said...

the MV is cool... the song is nicer than the ori... mayb ELFs will accept it... but i just hope they wont split... relly wont..

Snapper said...

Not another Super Junior group! Enough already....if they wanted a sub group, why didn't they just slipt Super Junior in two halfs?

Thuy said...

Kekeke... I liked the MV. The slow motion parts were cool.

iciviuja said...

you forgot to mention that Hangeng aka Hankyung is also a chinese. and SJM consists of 7 members and not 5 like how it was stated.

I've watched the 'U' chinese version on YouTube just now... love it! it's so HOT!

Siwon/Donghae/Ryeowook/Kyuhyun singing/rapping in chinese is LOVE! lol! prefered the Kyuhyun ones better than the other though.

love the solo dance especially Donghae's.
Kyuhyun's voice = LOVE!
Henry's violin solo = HOT!
somehow Zhoumi aka Jyumyuk(?) reminded me of Wuchun of Fahrenheit. I don't know why..

totally love the white outfit!
1:13 - siwon jump on top of donghae, if i'm not mistaken, is HOT! ahhh.... i could repeat that scene forever!

okay.. i'm spazzing too much. please excuse the long comment.

rockpinkslip said...

not only Henry and Zhoumi (idk) but Hankyung too is chinese

KRY...love love love it mainly cuz of the 3 main vocal power houses of suju (kyuhyun, ryeowook & yesung). The chinese "U" is pretty wicked w/ the violin solo.

However, I'm not a fan of chinese music regardless if my fave k-bands are singing.

the mv was nice too, i liked the slow mo parts hehe.

lemonade lagoon said...

Hahaha! Sub-groups are SM's way to get back all the money they used up to train their artists. Lol. (SM has developed the China subgroup plan when H.O.T. was still around but we all know what happened to H.O.T.)

You see, while SJ-M is busy targeting the China market, people back home won't have the opportunity to miss/forget about them coz SJ-T is still there (and also, on it's way to Hollywood Bowl). No money loss there.

Btw, the 9-piece girl band SNSD (also from SM) also have a subgroup called "Roomates". Tiffany, Jessica and someone else is part of the group.

When it comes to music capitalism...LSM is the shiz 'yo!

Liz said...

Oh dear, I still can't tell most of them apart. Sigh...stop multiplying already.

miya said...

i hope thats the only member LSM will add~
i agree with kpop-rubba...
i think i like SUJU M better than the original one.. n this SUJU-M hv better.. vocally..
but still.. in love with the old and the new ones~ XD

faith said...

The song is called U. And Henry is not chinese. Only Han Kyung and Zhou Mi are. Henry only speaks english from what I hear. The actual number of people in Suju is 13. But now apparently they are adding Henry and Zhou Mi, so that makes 15 of them.
Anyway, about the SJ-M situation, there are two stands. Some people just hate them singing chinese but song of them love them singing chinese.
For me, I think that they are really quite good already considering that this is their first official chinese song as Suju-M. But I think that Zhou Mi, well, he doesn't really fit there. It's amazing that Donghae could rap in Chinese and my friend is on a roll about how hot they look in Suju-M.

kokobun said...

i watch the mv on youtube over and over again..and its really GOOD+++++!!!..all of them ARE HOT!!..esp ryeowook..OMG!!..im soo LOVED HIS HAIR!!..he look different(MORE HOT THAT IS)..and kyuhyun..LOVE HIM AS ALWAYS!!

my friend have been telling me bout the new suju sub group..and at first i dun believe coz i really like the originAL 13..but after seen the mv..i loved it!..and henry is soo cute!!!


Nicole said...

I think SM made the right choice by adding Zhoumi inside though. I initially thought that the existing Suju members were sufficient to tackle the Chinese market, but after seeing them talk, well…The exception being Han Geng, that is. But that would mean Han Geng is the only member that is capable of holding a normal Chinese conversation, since Henry, despite being a chinese, can’t speak in that language either. IMO it would make Suju-M very unbalanced in terms of communicating with the fans and media.

Besides, Zhoumi won the National MC award before getting recruited by SM. This will help Suju M lots when it comes to building their image since this aspect heavily relies on communication as well.

I prefer watching the MV at suju M avex official site or the MV premier chinese site thoug, quality is much better and you can hear kyuhyun, ryeowook and zhoumi's vocal prowess and donghae's ultra cool rap much more clearly.

avex version with chinese subs :http://www.avex.com.tw/sjm/sjm/intro_05_video_U.htm

Mv premier site: http://v.sohu.com/20080408/n256155046.shtml

Anonymous said...

hey not bad at all ^^
I'm rather amused.
Han geng has really grown on me. I thought he looked kind of like "sulky/shy" kind of guy but i dunno i like his little happy eyes when he smiles :D

the new guy (i think he's new cuz i can't tell them apart very well >_>) looks pretty nice i think. In a crowd of Asian boys he blends in tho :P

Anonymous said...

The new guy looks like wayne gretzky in the new video xD
Does anyone know where Zhoumi is from? As in, what region or province in China?
Henry is Chinese... Not Chinese born Chinese but Canadian born Chinese (gosh thats so awesome he grew up only 4 hrs drive away from me) Isn't he half Taiwanese and half Cantonese? Sheesh so confusing! I just love that he's a native english speaker... I love to think that there's actually a popstar in Korea I could hypothetically have a conversation with!

lemonade lagoon said...

"I love to think that there's actually a popstar in Korea I could hypothetically have a conversation with!" -->wahahahaha! so true.

Makes me wonder tho how these boys communicate. Henry can only speak English; Hankyung and Zhoumi can speak Mandarin with a smattering of Korean; and the four other boys are fluent in Korean and uh, can introduce themselves in Chinese.

Since SM is in the business of adding people in SuJu until they reach 93 members, they should deffo invest on a singer/dancer cum linguist.

That's the best way to conquer the world. 'Til then, we just have to settle for hypnotic pelvic thrusts.
(see 'U' mv for reference)

MimieJay said...

yup Zhou Mi and Henry Lau is Chinese plus HanKyung aka Han Geng .. but i read somewhere that henry isn't fluent in Chinese because he's from Canada..

:? i thought it stand for Me? but yeah i did thought it stands for Mandarin..

i'm not too sure if they are going to perform in Korean stage..probably in China only bcoz of Visa problems..

FYI there's another Chinese in SM which is Zhang Li yin aka Jan Ri In.. just to make sure you guys don't forget her! LOL

Leanna said...

I love the MV!!! Ryeowook is so cute!!

blinkable said...

My fave of Suju sub grps is still Suju T *haha* Nothing beats having Heechul in it ;) Yea, K.R.Y. is like the power vocal grp of Suju and now we have M (how convenient SM has made this) on board. I only have one thing to say on Suju M- I am happy that now HangGeng can perform all he wants?! XD I am not good in Mandarin but I think Suju M is ok singing in Mandarin coz the previous "U" (Chinese version) by Suju was hilarious *haha*
I do believe Suju M will do well because they have the package- vocals, rap, dance, choreography, song, and most importantly the looks XDD

Anonymous said...


Henry is chinese and DOES speak the language although not as well as children who grew up on china. It's a natural thing. He understands it as well.

Anonymous said...

It feels weird to watch Henry and that Zhou-something guy danced in the MV and did the superjuni-or(m??) introduction during the interview. With all respects to their talents, undeniably they were amazing but they just didn't look that they belong to the group but just as guest singers. It must be hard to join a group (or sub-group, WHATEVER!!!) that is already very popular and has a very stong fan-base. SuJu Fighting!!

Anonymous said...

I think it will be forever till we get to see the 13 Suju members on stage or show together again. They're practically scattered all over the places.. lol.. Really gonna miss their 13-members-performance~~~

Anonymous said...

which groups is kibum in?

I don't think i saw him in the U MV of SJ M,
nor did I see him on the Rokkugo MV of SJ T.
I don't think he's in SJ K.R.Y. too.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but where's KIBUM?!!

Anonymous said...

Kibum is not in a group from my understanding---he is just part of the original suju. But I believe he returned to acting. He is filming a drama right now...I think.

Anonymous said...

dude.. i totally agree with
carolina.. we should just support our fav pop stars...and it doesn't really matter if zhou mi and henry are actually added to the orig.suju


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