Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Laotians welcome Paran with open arms

Korean quintet Paran held a showcase concert in Vientiane, Laos on April 5 and they were a hit with the Laotians!

Annyeonghaseyo Laos!: The Paran boys greet, meet and actually play their
music for their Laotian fans.

The Paran boys set a record by being the first male foreign group to attract a whopping 10,000 fans to a show. Sweet, no Korean vs. local organisers disagreement there. How nice.

The event, which was in celebration of mobile phone operator, Tigo’s first anniversary, will be televised on Lao Star TV.

It is also reported that Laotians love their Thai TV shows, but judging by the ardent show of love and support at Paran’s performance, the Korean Wave looks set to sweep Laotians off their feet.

Fans were frantically taking photos of the group, waving pics of the boys in the air, screaming their lungs out and blowing sweet kisses at Paran.

Do we have readers from Laos? Were you one of the lucky ones to see Paran live?

Source: The Korea Times & Vientiane Times
Pic credit: The Korea Times


Anonymous said...

Paran trying to be the Korean boyband that takes Southeast Asia by storm-- since record sales in Korea are so poor, there are still parts of the world that buy music? ehehe I'm proud of them. Right behind DBSK they're way up the list of my favorite boybands. Their music is awesome too!

Valerie said...

thats nice of them to visit their fans in Laos.
ryan is hot!
they've really been under the radio as i've mostly been hearing news about big bang, wonder girls, and all those other korean acts.
unless they just came back from hiatus or something.
but yeah, i know of paran through ryan. he was cute in I Am Sam.

Me said...

Isn't that last year they suppose to come Malaysia. Well, maybe there ppl support them more that in MY. Paran is talented bunch just that under promoted.

ALINE-Je-t'aime said...

yeah I live in Vientiane, but I didn't go cuz I hate boys Band ahahahah Kangta and Baby Box held a concert here two...concerts in Vientiane are mostly free or cheap..Lucky huh? lol It is weird that they come to a poor country, im happy for laotian teenagers hehe

oki bye! kiss! Happy Lao New Year, 14 april!!!

Liz said...

Hello Aline! Happy Lao New Year to you!! :) :)

Concerts in Vientiane are cheap - that sounds good, really good :-).

Aline-je-t'aime said...

Oh Heylo Liz, thank u loool ^^
Paran's concert was free

syaika said...

yes. they coming to Malaysia but i'm not sure the date is. they comint to Thailand on 8th June and maybe after that they will come to Malaysia because malaysia is not far from thailand! i can't wait to see them here in malaysia!
anyone that have information about them coming to malaysia, emeil me at syaika_mudblood@yahoo.com

leon ken said...

hi im from phil. and i really love paran because of the game called audition dance battle i love ace and ryan there


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