Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Yoon Eun-hye’s latest CF – Eye2o eye drops

Sleeping beauty: Yoon Eun-hye catches forty winks

Everywhere I surf, I see Yoon Eun-hye sleeping in her PJs. They are actually pictures from her latest Eye2o CF.

Uh-huh, the Coffee Prince darling has soulful, clear and expressive peepers thanks to the eye drops.

Hmm, Eye2o? Haven’t heard of it. Here in Malaysia, the popular brands are EyeMo and Optrex.

Sleepyhead: 'Yawn, is it morning already? I was
dreaming of Gong Yoo oppa.''

Tick tock: 'Man, I hate this alarm clock'

Smoke gets in her eyes: 'Sigh this air pollution thingy is
making my eyes itch.'

Light gets in her eyes: 'Ouch, the sun's sure blazing hot today.
I wonder if I'd go blind looking directly at it?'

Eye2o saves the day: 'I keep my peepers twinkly bright
and healthy with this!'

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki


Amy said...

I just LOVE HER! LOVE HER! LOVE HER! She's so darn likable!

Anonymous said...

No she's not! There's something annoying about her....her looks aren't that great either...

Chianz said...

ii loved my pi-goong mama n coffee princess... you are de best ya!!! mwaccckkksss.... ^.^''

daisyjane said...

@anonymous - But so many pple like her. She must have that XFactor. She has one annoying factor though. I wish she would fix her teeth!

Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful and multi-talented! YEH FIGHTING!!!

Maggie said...

yay! i love yoon eun hye!!! and there's nothing wrong with her teeth dammit. she's beautiful the way she is and i'm actually proud that she's not like every other korean actress who gets plastic or something just to be "beautiful," or rather some twisted perception of beauty. she's a natural beauty and she doesn't have to change anything to show it. yoon eun hye, aja!

Me said...

Man. She waited for Jong Kook oppa to come. Ha... just waited for few months more.

Jaclyn said...

YEH is pretty! But more than that she is adorable. I love her too. =)

Anonymous said...

Kim Tae Hee is wayyyy prettier than this girl! I would've liked to see her instead!

Anonymous said...

YEh is my favorite korean actress and model.
But what I really like the most is all the wonderful things I've heard about her, comments of people from the entertainment industry, media,family, friends and fans... which is that she is a good and down to earth person with a heart of gold.
Beauty fades, but a heart of gold and a good personali is there forever.

Anonymous said...

i love her!

but does anyone know what that yellow bag she is holding in the pic is called/where to get it?

Anonymous said...

I've seen better looking actresses! There's nothing pretty about her at all!


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