Thursday, 24 April 2008

LPG's Yeon Oh in a bikini

Beach bunny: One of the better pictures
taken by Yeon Oh

Former LPG member Han Young appeared on the cover of Maxim this month. Not to be outdone is LPG member Yeon Oh who pouted and posed for SK Telecom's Star Photo.

The erstwhile Miss Korea contestant, who stands 174cm tall, took the beach photos at Bali, Indonesia. I don't think the collection turned out good as she looks awkward in some pictures. She needs to enroll herself in one of those Top Model reality shows.

Here's a look at some of the pics...and more.

Awkward: It looks like she has dislocated
her left arm

Mannequin 1: Yeon Oh's eyes look kinda 'dead'

Mannequin 2: Ditto comment above

Manicure: "Darn, there's a hang nail! Better make that
trip to the manicurist soon.'

Shoulder pain: 'Ouch, should've gone easy on spring
cleaning the apartment yesterday.'

Chest pain: 'Geez, gotta go easy on the onions.
It's giving me heartburn.'

Stomach pain: 'Man, I've gotta change my diet.
Need more vege and fruits.'

An improvement!: A less awkward pose, but
the pantyhose is unfortunately a shade darker
than the rest of her

Yeon-oh promotes her SK Telecom Photos. Good luck, girl.

Source & Pics credit: Newsen


Anonymous said...

hi liz... fellow malaysian here.. yr captions are killing me.. if i can physically roll on the floow i wud but i dont think my bump wud appreciate that.. :-) DEENA

Liz said...

Heya Deena, apa khabar? :) Thanks for the kind words. I guess we share the same kind of humour :-).

Now I can go apply for that stand up comedian job. :-P

noV said...

what's wrong with the pics? looks ok to me...

ohh? maybe bcoz she's a girl is it?

Valerie said...

wow. that's one fierce body.
as i read other k-entertainment blogs, they seem to look down on Star Photos. Most recently I remember Chae Yeon did a shoot. To be honest the girls look really fierce - even with the plastic surgery and all - but there are a few shoots I've seen that were a bit tasteless.


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