Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Big Bang having fun in Thailand

안녕하세요 여러분, (Hello Everyone)

Yeah it's me again, Orchid. Three entries in a row now as Liz is too busy fiddling with her computer, downloading Keanu wallpaper and trying desperately to make him appear larger than life right in front of her. Rooster? Well, she's probably whipping up something for the next K-popped! Kitchen project. ;-)

I was surfing and found out that Big Bang are/was in Thailand! Why are our Thai friends having so much fun? The much awaited F.T. Island concert in Kuala Lumpur was cancelled but the F.T. Island concert in Thailand was a huge success.

Now, Big Bang are in Thailand and they performed in Bangkok for their Global Warning Tour. Big Bang also made a special appearance on the show Change.

Big Bang in Bangkok

TOP wearing a Thai elephant cap

Celebrating Dae Sung's birthday

Big Bang's Last Farewell is #1 on the MTV Thailand International Chart (19 - 25 April 2008). Congratulations boys!

Extremely happy Thai fans

For more news (if you can read Thai) and pics: Pingbook Entertainment

Pics credit: Pingbook Entertainment

Gimme more news on Big Bang!


Anonymous said...

wow...those thai girls really love them some korean guys!
i seriously thought they were korean fans at
'nice' posters...but those neon signs have got to go. all k-girls do that..
thai gals need to stand out and do sthg differently. in your OWN language...stop trying to be too k-pop in order to please the hallyu stars you're NOT working for their should be the other way around! D'oh!
case n point: f.t.island and their management took advantage of their malay fans. and they still haven't gotten their money back!

i confess i'm korean but i'm also from my end...i don't understand what all the fuss is about and why these non-korean fans go so far as copying what the k-fans do for their stars. it's stupid. make these punks worthy of their non-korean fans. that's just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

making it big for BIG BANG!!!
they are just BIG and BANGIN!!!

hamper said...

i love t.o.p.! :)

Anonymous said...

and as for MY opinion i think it's a good thing that thai fans did the neon signs..doesn't mean when they did the signs they're copying the korean fans..and i love their effort to make BB feel welcomed..dang, i shud probably packed my bag and move to thailand(or better juz move to fans are so freaking lucky, a LOT of korean artist and also japanese artist go there..and unlike in Malaysia the concert is not canceled..

Valerie said...

omg! lucky! big bang is sooo it right now. they are really talented and totally span a genre of their own as korean acts are pretty much similar now...well, in my opinion.

sorry, i didn't mean to write an essay's length comment but it's been a while since i've actually liked a music act and appreciated their music. they have really good songs.

and my real comment was only supposed to be "Damn, TOP is HOT!"

Anonymous said...

omg i have a purse with that exact same elephant motif of it! I was just thinking of it today randomly- I was debating whether i should throw it away or not cuz as much as I love it the strap broke and i'm not skilled enough to fix it... weirdddd

I dont think its weird for thai fans to do neon signs.. Sure koreans do it but fans all over asia do it tOo for all their favorite groups. The truth is I never see more neon signs than in China... Seriously when i watch a chinese performance the whole audience is neon sometimes LOL
does anyone know how to make or where to buy these signs?? I love the ones I saw in china <33 I want one!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG disregard that last part of my post
i thought they were holding actual NEON as in Lighted signs lol
the signs with the dark backdrop and bright lettering are just there for contrast. They stand out in a dark place.

Orchid said...

Actually i would like to find out where fans buy (or do they make) the neon signs?! I see a lot of fans from Japan, Hong Kong...carry those. they look professionally made. If you are reading this and have one of those signs...tell us how you got them?! Do they run on batteries? Gosh..i am so "ulu". When i go for concerts...i errr...go empty handed. Not a very good fan, huh? ;-)

Anonymous said...

orchid, i am near desperation to get my hands on some of those lighted signs
theyre like magical or something! I really want one for when i see dbsk >_< It would so make my life!! I've inquired all around but i never get a response!

Anonymous said...

The guys were so great. They gonna make a Big Bang in Thai
land.I also find one Thai website.
This includes photo of Big Bang on press conference. Seung Ri was not there because he takes part in musical drama in Korea.

Erica said...

Waa they r sooo lucky!! I'm an Aussie and there is NO WAY BB would ever come to Australia, they would have to learn English... TT_TT i think the girls can make watever kind of signs they like, if they're copying the Korean's signs then good for them, and maybe they r doing it to make BB feel more at home. LUV BB AND TOP EVEN MORE!!! XD

Anonymous said...

They are so cute and talented! I love them , especially TOP <3.
I'm happy for their succes <3


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