Monday, 7 April 2008

Maxim April '08 cover girl: Han Young (한영)

Ah, these shots are more like it, compared to the, uh, dregs of pin-up past. Looks like I can continue my Maxim updates. ^_^

Meet Han Young, former member of female pop group LPG (I believe it's the abbreviation for Long Pretty Girls. Hmm.).

I want to see more Maxim babes!
Lee Hyun-ji
Kim In-seo
Ryu Seol-mi

Stephanie Kim


Anonymous said...

omg.... haha, i didn't even know that LPG is a FORMER group already!
I thought they were just formed?
Could see glimpses of them on variety shows and music shows last year....

But yea.... Han Young is VERY tall O_O

starwish said...

I suppose she went under the knife too.

kpop-rubba said...

She looks hawt

johnnydorama said...

she's hot!!!!!


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