Monday, 28 April 2008

Rain in ajumma curls

Rain (26) must be having the time of his life...jet setting around the world promoting his Hollywood debut movie, Speed Racer. There are so many pictures of him circling around the Internet. He was in Seoul, he was in Hong Kong, Los Angeles...then New York! He has met with delighted fans, been interviewed (more on this soon) and attended the premiere screening in Los Angeles. Phew, i can barely keep up.

Bi strikes a pose at the LA
premiere of Speed Racer

Anyway, Rain has decided to keep his hair long for his "world wide" debut. Personally, i would prefer any one of his spunkier, shorter hair styles in the past. Why did he decide on the long hair?

Here are also some recent pics of Bi. Those look a lot like ajumma curls to me.

Speed Racer Press Conference in Seoul


Wanda said...

Maybe he's keeping his long hair for the Ninja Assassin movie he's filming.

I don't care what anyone says about Rain, I LOVE HIM!!! Yummy!

I hope he's in Seoul this summer. I'll be there and I might have to do some stalking! Hee hee.

fraulein said...

He might be away filming Ninja Assasin, I read somewhere it wraps up in Oct 08.

But having said that, he might pop home intermittently to fulful certain endorsment contracts, etc. So yeah, good luck there! = )

Anonymous said...

O__________O Now THATS RANDOM.

Valerie said...

aww. i like that first photo you posted of him. his hair is FIERCE!

~*Jennifer*~ said...


Rain if you read this Please! don't ever curl your hair gain.


Anonymous said...

Is for the movie.. he dont like long hair for him just for me (wife) ^^


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