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Rain talks Speed Racer

Jeong Ji-hoon is the It Korean star at the moment as he makes his Hollywood debut in Speed Racer, which is zooming into Malaysian cinemas on May 8!

Dream come true: Jung Ji-hoon at the LA premiere of
Speed Racer on April 26

In an interview with the 26-year-old, the Korean superstar shares about his perseverance in grasping the English language (he talks to himself at cafes - this I gotta see!) and how the Wachowski Brothers offered him the lead in Ninja Assassin (it was over bulgogi and kimchi! No kidding).

Mind Your English

Rain delivers some English lines in Speed Racer and to get things as perfect as possible, the Energizer Bunny sought the help of his American co-stars.

He says, "From the start, I admitted that I was learning English and asked them to tell me if I pronounced something wrong. My fellow actors also corrected my usage and monitored my scenes with care."

Monologue: Rain practices his English by having
conversations with himself in the language

The Korean actor, who is making his Hollywood debut in a supporting role as Taejo Togokhan also reveals a method he uses to practice English: "It has become a habit to sit at a coffee shop and ask questions and answer them myself.

"My English is still at a conversational level, but by next year, I hope to be able to speak comfortably in a formal setting."

Apart from monologues at cafes, Rain also watches TV to help him grasp the language.

"I watched Lost, Prison Break and Entourage to study English, and it was nice to meet Matthew Fox, the main character of Lost. He is handsome, and I tried hard to get close to them."

Err...OK, good for you Rain :-P.

The green screen & Hollywood co-stars

So, how awkward was it to act in front of the green screen?

"It was embarrassing to stare into space and recite lines with nothing there," Rain reveals. "But after the second time, I got used to it and it was fun."

"There is a scene where I punch Emile Hirsch. I still remember people at the monitors telling me that I did really well," he adds.

Green screen: While Rain was at first embarrassed acting in
front of
the green screen, he eventually enjoyed himself

Ever since he was young, the Korean actor has admired Susan Sarandon, who plays Mom Racer in the flick. So it meant a lot to Rain when Sarandon surprised him by sending him a congratulatory letter.

"Susan Sarandon complimented my acting. It was like a dream. Later, she asked me for an autograph (on his CD), saying that she saw my performance on YouTube. She also sent a letter congratulating my Hollywood debut, and I have it safe at home."

Ninja Assassin, bulgogi and kimchi

Ever the enterprising Korean ambassador, Rain invited the cast and crew of Speed Racer to a Korean restaurant in Berlin for bulgogi and kimchi. It was then that the Wachowski Brothers told him about Ninja Assassin.

The Matrix filmmakers said to him: "You work very hard. There's something we've been preparing for 10 years. Do you want to do it?"

The Energizer Bunny innocently replied: "Sure, who's the main character?"

The filmmakers answered: "It's you."

Jung Ji-hoon vs. Taejo Togokhan

It is being reported that Jung Ji-hoon was unfortunately introduced as Taejo Togokhan during the premiere of Speed Racer at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on April 26. It looks like people can't seem to differentiate him from his character.

My name is...: Rain/ Bi or Jung Ji-hoon/ Jeong Ji-hoon
and not b100dy Taejo Togokhan!

The name mix-up wasn't limited to the announcements as he is also listed as "actor Taejo Togokhan" in the caption of a photograph of him with co-star Sarandon!

Name glitches aside, Rain had this to say about Speed Racer after the preview.

"I’m very satisfied (with the movie). One, I had the opportunity to work with highly-acclaimed directors, and two, the output is really good. I’m very satisfied."

Source: HanCinema, Digital Chosunilbo & Indulging in Rain's World
Pics credit: IESB & Wireimage


Anonymous said...

He looks so feminine. I miss his rain's world/it's raining days. But ay FIGHTING JUNG JIHOON OPPA

Orchid said...

Rain is so cute...

"I watched Lost, Prison Break and Entourage to study English, and it was nice to meet Matthew Fox, the main character of Lost. He is handsome, and I tried hard to get close to them."

That statement could sound really wrong...especially when he added in that Matthew Fox is handsome. But i know what Bi means. He wants to get to know the stars better...

Congratulations on your Hollywood movie debut λΉ„!


Snapper said...

I give in! This guy is cute hehe anyways wish him all the best in his hollywood debut!

MeL said...

Wow! Long Comment up there! O.O

Anyways... I wish Rain the best, He is so hardworking so I belive he deserves good things in his life!

One thing I love about him is that even after all the success he has achieved in his career he remains a humble and nice guy. :o)

Good Luck Rain!

koua said...

even if rain looks like this i would marry him!

Marie said...

He watches Entourage to learn English? Well I guess it is helpful to learn how to swear in English before you know how to have an actual conversation :D. That show must leave him so confused.
While I get he's trying to do the Geek Chic thing, I don't get why he always wears tennis shoes. He needs to do some ads for Nike or something.
I hope these films bring him success, I would love to see him star in a more movies here in the US!

patrick said...

The Wachowski bros certainly put a lot of effort into making Speed Racer... the movie overall looked and felt like a cross between anime, a kaleidoscope, that Flintstones movie, a video game and the Dukes of Hazard

Sulffie said...

-i am as they call it a foreigner but when it comes to rain i am just me. i got to know about rain on and from since that time i have become a fan. i do not think it matters what race or culture he is from. the simple fact is talent is talent and he's got lot's of it. I would like to get to know him personally to know about him however at the moment that seems kinda impossible. i told my friends and family about him and they also love him. I would love to see him in more of our english movies but i do not mind watching the ones he made so far. he got it all looks, talents and personality. Rain i wish you best of luck on your future endeavors.

Sulffie said...

i think you got what it takes to be all that you want to be. Never doubt that and no matter how hard it gets stick with it and prove to your situation that you are the boss of your life.


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