Saturday, 19 April 2008

Rain undergoes intensive training for Ninja Assassin

Rain hasn’t eaten rice since the end of last year and has been living on chicken breast, raw fish, sweet potatoes and salad.

The 26-year-old Hallyu star eliminated carbs from his diet to prepare for his first Hollywood lead role in Ninja Assassin.

“Because of his diet and training, he has lost about 12 kilograms,” a J. Tune rep divulged.

Hard work: Rain spends his days in Berlin

The Energizer Bunny flew to Berlin, Germany on March 7 and has been busy preparing for his role ever since. He starts training for his action sequences at 6am and only stops after a good 10 hours of practice.

Ninja Assassin is an action flick produced by the Wachowski Brothers and Joel Silver.

Apart from that, Rain is set to have a fling with Hollywood in the upcoming Speed Racer, where he has a supporting role as Taejo Togokhan.

Source: Daum with translations at HanCinema
Pic credit: Newsen

Rain's Ninja Assassin

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Thuy said...

*gasp* Rain lost 12 kg? Nooooo!!

Anonymous said...

you know the energizer bunny is a registered trademark right?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is just a teeny tiny little peeve of mine, but I thought you might like to know that "alot" is actually two words. It's "a lot". It is a commonly made mistake even among millions of native English speakers. There is actually no word in English called "alot".

Still, your writing is better than a lot of Americans with college degrees.

Anonymous said...

^i wanna start a campaign to make 'alot' an actual word cuz that dang space is annoying.

Hmm I think rice doesn't effect asians like the rest of us. I can go to Chinese restaurants and she the skinniest lil woman eating a huge mound of white rice but if I eat a lil bowl I have some kinda diabetic attack... lol its weird.

Anonymous said...

she = see lol just woke up >_<;;

Carolina said...

What?!?!? 12kg??? He's soo skinny!!!...snif snif...he used to look perferct...he still is i mean...but i just hope is cute buttocks hahahaha don't vanish hahahahha....but he's working hard ...what else to say than...hwaiting oppa!!!

Snapper said...

Rain just doesn't do it for me. I don't get what the big deal is about...the man isn't handsome, he can't act...but i gotta hand it 2 him...his early songs were pretty good.

Twreckx said...

I actually think he's quite underweight at the moment, which sucked all the enjoyment out of his new CF and his Speed Racer premiere

Anonymous said...

oh baby .. please take care of your health well .. I love you too much >_<


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