Saturday, 19 April 2008

Kim Ha Neul's drama On Air gets an extension

Is anyone reading this blog watching the SBS drama On Air? The drama which stars Kim Ha Nuel is currently airing in South Korea and is getting pretty high ratings!

Kim Ha Neul and Lee Bum Soo in a scene (SBS Drama, On Air)

The plot revolves around what goes on behind the scenes of a Korean drama production. You will get a glimpse of what the life of a lead actress (Kim Ha Neul) entails when the camera stops rolling. She would probably have relations with the producer (Park Yong-Ha) and
scriptwriter (Song Yoon-Ah). Lee Bum-Soo plays one who trains the actors and of course there's a love triangle in there somewhere!

30 year-old Kim Ha Neul might just have found the role of a lifetime. She will be much remembered for her portraying of actress Oh Seung-ah. Many fans have expressed their admiration for her portrayal of this role. People are even beginning to call her "Kim Seong Ah" off screen.

Kim says "
I really like Oh Seung Ah. Although I’m an actress, I’m not good at expressing my emotions and behaviors. Oh Seung Ah is totally different with me. She is a straight person; she always says whatever on her mind. To portray this character effectively, before the filming starts, I had spent a lot of time to examine and analyze the character. I tried to find the best way to act." [Asianfanatics]

The drama is so well received that they will be adding three more episodes making it a 23-episode drama.

Kim Ha Neul is Oh Seung-ah in On Air

Pic Credit: SBS Korea
Sources: Coolsmurf, Mykofan


Anonymous said...

i really love this drama, i am watching now..
i check out your website all the time, amazingly i found that you didnt mention this drama at all. heeeee....why?


Orchid said...

@anonymous...i've heard about the drama, but am not watching it...since it's showing on SBS. We only have KBS World here in Malaysia. =)

Miss Manderley said...

i saw the first seven episodes, and its really interesting. its like the behind the scenes look at kdramas.. except with all the standard kdrama craziness...

my review at

meiruo_chan said...

i'm currently watching this now and I really loveit . well, this is another drama i was so crazily waiting for after hong gil dong. i think the plot, the casts is superb. you should watch it when they released the DVD. I already planning to add it to my on collection.

Valerie said...

i'm on episode 3 so far and it's pretty good. i love the scriptwriter's personality. i guess you could call it her...short tempered-ness.

the producer character looked really familiar to me and i realized he played choi ji woo's partner in winter sonata.

@orchid, you could catch it on youtube! that's how i've been watching it.

it's nice to watch what's going on off-cam and behind all the glitz and glamour. makes you think what's really going on in the real world of tv stations and all.

Anonymous said...

I just watched ep. 20. The last ep is ep 21 so I have one more to go (it will air in korea in about 17 more hours). Have not seen a drama this good in a long time. My favorite is bumsoo who plays the manager. I'm hoping he and haneul end up together but not sure at this moment how the last ep will pan out. Absolutely addictive characters and wonderful acting. Very highly recommended.

QuaChee said...

managed to get the dvd. love this show! its storyline is interesting... and the leads played well!


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