Thursday, 10 April 2008

Rain's official website revamped

I hated Rain's official website.

It was unfriendly and a pain in the @$S to surf. Also, if you don't read Korean, don't expect to get any meaty information from the so-called "official site" because all they throw at you are less than scraps. Yeesh.

Version 1.0: The lousy website Rain offered his fans

However, things change...and so did the site. As of Tuesday (April 8), J. Tune Entertainment rolled out the revamped version of And surfing the Version 2.0 site has become a much more pleasant experience. Whoo-hoo!

Log onto the site and the Energizer Bunny performs a dance for you (pic below). There are also the usual stuff - biography, filmography, achievements, list of CFs & concerts, photos and personal messages from the star.

Version 2.0: Easier navigation, neater and a more pleasant experience.
We hope to be able to access the English version of the site soon-est!

Apart from that, there's a section where you can leave your messages, as well as a section that has a collection of news articles on Rain. In the near future (we hope), the site will have an English, Japanese and Chinese version too.

Orange!: K-popped! loves orange too

Hmm, and I can't help but notice that it's K-popped! "friendly" because of all the colours of the Rain-bow, the Energizer Bunny's site also utilises orange, which is K-popped!'s official colour ;-).

Ah, we feel a kinship there.

Articles: The links lead to news articles on Rain

Gallery: The Energizer Bunny offers you a (virtual) rose when you
visit his gallery ;-)

Rain's new official website

All about Bi


Anonymous said...

I have read about this on many other blogs and eventhough I am a huge Bi fan (already voted for him countless times on the times100 poll) I didn't feel like bothering checking out the new site, but leave it to k-popped to make it sound cool enough to spark my interest! I think the dancing bit is goofy and it runs laggy on my computer but I love the part where his shirt flies up and you can see his tummy!! *squeeeee* Looking at his prof, didn't know his nickname is 'woodi'? What is that about? LOL OMG the header says: "invite you rains space Feel it his emotion" WTF??? LMAOOOOO oh man with that tidbit I don't know if I have high hopes for the English version of the site. The site loads slow too *pout*
I love the gallery section, I see chest hairs >_<;;;

Liz said...

hello kpop-rubba!...yeah the England not so good ;-). I'm worried...oh, where will I get my info?

Sigh...hey anyone from J. Tune Ent wanna hire me to oversee the quality of the English section? I have the proper *cough* experience - enough said.

Yeah, where on earth did he get the nickname Woodi? Have not heard of that before.

kpop-rubba, my computer also loads the landing page real slow...and I had to refresh it countless times to get a screenshot of it :-(.

Gail T. said...

oh my god the ajummafied hair. wahh.

Carolina said...

Yeah the first version was so bad, butg now it's really cool :) At first it takes its time to fully load that why rainy is dancing so slow hahahahha....but when it's done he moves sooo cool :D
Maybe about the english part in the gallery....they should check what they put in English with a pro or at least someone that speaks english hahahhahaa..whenever our bunny uses english is so awful hahahahaa...hope that now gets better though hehehehe the bad thing is that in the gallery you are able to see parts of the pics...they should be available for download...i so want a couple of those hehehhee
Well i have nothing more to say that Rain's sooo sexy, just love him...he's just a bit too skinny...but his belly...yummy!!!!! hahahha

Rooster said...

I think that ajummafied hair would look great on me. ;p I'm in desperate need of some curls.

I can't access the site! I think it's blocked in China. :'( How can this be?!

Liz said...

Yeah how can that be? What's the use of a planned Chinese version if people in China can't access it!

Orchid said...

What's with Bi's hair in the last pic? It looks way too feminine.

Anonymous said...

Korean World Star Rain looks comfortable in women's hair. Infact he looks way too comfortable.

Tyler said...

Hasn't he always been sissyish? The hair suits him.


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