Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Young Han of Starbucks fronts Got Milk ad

Starbucks has recently jumped onto the Got Milk? bandwagon and has selected a Korean-American named Young Han to front its ad.

Korean-American Young Han fronts
Starbucks' Got Milk? ad

Han, who beat out several other nominees in a companywide contest, is a store manager from Mountain View, California.

The ad promotes Starbucks' beverages, such as the Grand Latte (which Han holds), as a good source of milk that provides about half an adult's recommended daily allowance for calcium and vitamin D. Ha ha ha, OK...but I like my milk neat.

Check out the video of Han relating his experience and a behind-the scenes look at the photoshoot. :-)

The American advertising campaign, which encourages the purchase of cow's milk, has featured some 250 celebrities along with brand icons such as Burger King (plugging for Hershey's Chocolate Milk). It has been running since October 1993.

Celebs who have front the Got Milk? campaign include:

Hayden Panettiere

Olsen Twins

Beyonce and Mom

Masi Oka

Source: Brandweek & Wikipedia
Pic credit: Brandcurve


Me said...

This ad remind me of old milk by famous Korean group not long ago. I missed that group.

Anonymous said...

haha I love when he said "Someone spill some mocha on me. Let's do this!" so cute. I do think its kinda true what he said. Everyone I know who has ever worked at starbucks has loved it and taken great pride in it. Too bad their coffee is so blaaargh

Anonymous said...

Awww that's my friend's brother!!

Anonymous said...

seriously how can the olsen twins say that they're NOT identical...ridiculous. I've got fraternal twins in my fam and they look nothing alike...but these two i can't tell them apart!

and kudos to the k-guy for makin it on the campaign. yay go starbucks. everyone should work there one time in their life! it's such a great company to work for. it's fun!

Rooster said...

Oh yes, I've heard that Starbucks employees get great benefits in the US.

However, I wonder if that company policy crosses over the Pacific.

Orchid said...

i like Hayden Panettiere's ad the most. the colour and bursting milk glass effect is really cool.

namaste said...

I like Masi Oka's ad, simply put, i just like Masi, hehehe^^
but yey for him for getting in that ad, he seems like a cheerful person.


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