Wednesday, 16 April 2008

TRIVIA: Who’s the lady in pink?

Hint: Some love her, some hate her. She loves techno but hates Oppa. Make your guess, like, now.

Answer (April 17):

Yup, it’s none other than your favourite Uzbek model Jamilya…or Djamilya or Jamilla.

The Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies participant has become an actress and is starring in the TV movie 색시몽 리턴즈 (Saek-si-mong Ri-teon-jeu). It is set to air on April 23 in Korea.

Zoolander: Jamilya practices the Blue Steel pose!

Tasty: 'Yes, thank you. The lollipop is really good'

This girl is going places, isn’t she? From talk show participant, to Oppa Miwo (오빠 미워 = Hate You Oppa) singer, to actress. I hope she doesn’t whine too much in the movie and actually speak sentences.

Another butt joke: 'Eat your heart out Jeon Ji-hyeon,
I've got a cute tush too.'
(OK, OK, that's my last joke at the expense of JJH's butt...or the lack of it.)

Jamilya who loves to pout and arch her back (a lot) appeared at the press conference for her new movie yesterday (April 16) sucking on a lollipop.

Man, I think she’s sexy enough without having to overdo suggestive gestures like that. Keep the lollipop ‘til after the PC, Jamilya.

Deep thought: Jamilya sucks on a lollipop while
thinking up an answer to a question.'

Pics credit: Newsen

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Orchid said...

Likable or Not's Han Ji Hye?

Anonymous said...


that Uzbekistan chick right?

Anonymous said...

Jamilla-- okay found her name.

Anonymous said...

I second Han Ji Hye :P

nor fatihah said...

jamillya or jamilla, i think....

her name is hard to pronounce LOL ^ ^

tanyathao said...

i third jamilla or something.

Anonymous said...

jamillia, with her "oppa miwoh" :]

Anonymous said...

i am pretty sure it's jamelia..
the girl from chit chat with beautiful girls..she is holding a lollipop during her interview...WTF...sorry..

Liz said...

Hi, the answer to the trivia is up! See if you got it right! :-)

Rooster said...

I haven't seen her on TV, but, I dunno, from her pics she seems kinda full of herself.

Anonymous said...

She looks weird... >.<

bebo said...

is her 15 mins up already??? i'm usually not a hater but man, this girl is irritating to watch!

jehan said...

for me, korean actresses are way hotttt... they dont overdo their poses. professionalism exudes from them.. with this woman, i dont know what the hype is.. i just know koreans go for double eye-lid beauties, etc etc... but i dont know why there's a hype over her.. she's beautiful, yes, but as an Asian, i still appreciate the conservative Asian beauty... compared to her too, there are still lots of korean actresses that need exposure than her...

Anonymous said...

She very good, I would like to sex with her.

sunshine said...

Oh. My. God. A Lollipop??? R U Kidding Me??

measuringsummer said...

She reminds me of paris hilton.

kpop_rub said...

its the 7th entry k-popped has made about her :-P


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