Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Fly to the Sky 10th Anniversary Album - Recollection

Fans of the R&B duo Fly to the Sky are very excited that the Recollection Album will be released on April 24, 2008. It's a special cover album in tribute to the fabulous 90s.

Recollection contains the duo's tantalizing covers of familiar hits such as Kim Dong Ryul's Chi joong jin dam (Track 2), Panic's Dal peng ee ("Snail" - Track 6), Park Ki Young's Majimak Sarang ("Last Love" - Track 3), Cool's Hanjang eh choo uk (Track 10), and Turbo's Whe Sang (Track 4).

You can purchase the album from YesAsia!

For Malaysians and Singaporeans, it's better to pre-order via the fan club as you will get a free poster and also maybe save on shipping cost as they are ordering by bulk.

Price - S$18 or MYR42 not inclusive of shipping cost.

Place your order for the FTTS Recollection Album

Do you want Fly to the Sky Remake Album?


Valerie said...

woow. i'm so excited! thanks for posting this!
wow, they look so good on that cover. ::sigh:: the boys are growin' up.

miya said...

omo~ brian look so handsome!!

Anonymous said...

Brian is such a hottie! I can't wait to get it!

iono55 said...

Brian just looks so cool! He's got so much personality! I totally love hime!

cyndy said...


If you are interested in getting this Album. Besides the published websites, there are also other options:- ly_to_the_sky/
(write to or call Alvina Kong (0166694003)


email me:

Thank you.

cyndy said...

The album order dateline is before Apr20 as we need to submit to our counterpart in SG.


cyndy said...

This is another website where we are demanding for Fly To The Sky to be in Malaysia.. chances are slim but we do hope all FTTS lovers will sign in & demand. Who know one day they might just drop in to Malaysia when they see some numbers...


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