Monday, 14 April 2008

Wonbin endorses Nintendo's Wii

Wanna know what games float Wonbin's boat? Try the ones on Nintendo Wii (pronounced 'we').

The Wii is a Nintendo home video game console that comes with an ultra cool wireless controller called the Wii Remote.

Backhand: Wonbin - in a suit!? - shows off his backhand stroke in
a tennis game

Sadly, I missed out on a Wii outing with friends last year. If there ever will be another one, I'm grabbing the controller for the first game, yer hear, friends? ;-)

Gotta practice my tennis strokes if I wanna go up against Korean actor Wonbin, right?

Fun: Wonbin enjoying the game (above and below).
In his hand is the wireless Wii Remote

The 31-year-old, who is set to make a comeback in the movie Mother, was at the Grand Hyatt Hotel this morning for the 2008 Nintendo Wii Launching Conference in Seoul.

Small talk: 'I'm sure you had fun today Wonbin, but can you
please do something about that hair of yours?'

Man, what's with his hair, huh? I wonder if he plays a mean game of virtual tennis?

Source & Pics credit: StarNews

Won Bin to make comeback in Mother


Milia said...

It has been so long time haven't seen his smile .. can't wait to see his come back movie "Mother"

tanyathao said...

me too.. as long as he's smiling, I don't care about how his hair looks. no more sad smile, please, won bin.

Snapper said...

Yeah his hair isn't working for me...but as long as it for him...he really does have an adorable smile :)

miya said...

uwa.. he looks so cute... i want WII too~ XD

ellen said...

Check out the cf. Won Bin is so cute!


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