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THE HAPTIC SAGA: DBSK and SNSD get all tangled up

Dong Bang Shin Ki Cassiopeias and So Nyuh Shi Dae (소녀시대) fans (do they have a name?) are frantically talking about the new hot couple "TaeSu" (that's DBSK's Xiah Junsu and SNSD's Tae Yeon). Speculations, sightings and rumours are rampant! Now how did DBSK and SNSD get so close? Is it only "TaeSu" or are more of both the group members entangled in new relationships?

It all started when both these groups from SM Entertainment got together to film Samsung Anycall's new four-part touch-screen phone advertisement. We shall call it THE HAPTIC SAGA here. DBSK and SNSD must have spent a lot of time together during the filming and have gotten close. Each DBSK guy was paired up with a SNSD girl in the videos. There were several scenes of them making out - or at least trying to anyway. Ironically, the only one who wasn't clearly paired up on-screen, is supposedly having a lot of action now, off-screen. No points for guessing who that is.

Did SM Entertainment know what they were getting themselves into bringing these two groups together? This is one way to get the lesser known SNSD (Girls' Generation) group into the limelight.

Let's check out The Haptic Saga, blow by blow.

Episode 1: Let's HAPTIC
DBSK - Max, U-know, Micky and Hero frolick with Jessica, Yoona and Tiffany in an elevator. They get all excited over...what else...the Samsung Anycall Haptic phone. A very blonde Xiah attempts to step into the elevator and sees all this.

Episode 2: HAPTIC Battle
While playing pool, Hero and U-know battles for Tiffany's attention. U-know does a little dance and tries to kiss Tiffany. Xiah walks in at the end again and discovers the cool Samsung HAPTIC touch-screen phone.

Episode 3: HAPTIC Scandal
U-know and Tiffany are at the amusement park. Micky tries to kiss Yoona now (sheesh, too much making out i say! ;-). Max shows Jessica his very cool HAPTIC.

Episode 4: HAPTIC Game
At the airport, DBSK boys and SNDS girls play a game on the elevator where they have to go "If you haptic, then you can shake, push lean" coupled with a little dance. Who reaches the end while doing that looses and carries all the luggage.

HAPTIC CF: Behind the Scenes Footages & Bloopers (NG)

Boy after all that on-screen making out, wiggling, giggling, jiggling and what-nots, it's not a surprise that both groups have become itchy closer. BTW...did anyone notice Samsung Anycall's super-cool new phone in those ads? ;-)

For more evidence:
2008 Korean Music Festival pics and more


Anonymous said...

lol.. i don't remember the phone at all...this whole rumor thing is pretty boring to me, cuz theres no i would like some action... he he he

Miss Manderley said...

seriously, netizens/rapid fangirls are making such a huge deal over this. i mean its not the end of the world when Junsu and Taeyeon hook up... they're in the same management company afterall.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cute, but then again DBSK does have some crazy fans. Scary actually.
As for the rumor's people should just leave it alone. Give the guy some space. Its already bad enough to have cameras flash in their faces 24/7.

Anonymous said...

i really really reall really hate these haptic commercials... dbsk boys were already rumored to have dated some of the snsd girls in their trainee days... that was enough for me and then this ;___;
I hate snskankd
so boring and talentless
wondergirls are so much more entertaining

Midori said...

No idea why SM decides to form and market SNSD. Bunch of plastic untalented wanna-bes. Why didn't they choose CSJH The Grace for this?!
That would have been greater!
Those girls have stood in the sidelines for too long! Ditch SNSD and throw the spotlight on CSJH!
Besides those girls have real talents!

DBSK had better be careful or the image they built up until now will crumble!

Why couldn't they just make a new Anyband? or bring Anyband back?

even more disappointed in SM!

marcel said...

kekeke ;) these scandals are so amusing~ hmm..xiah does look rather funny with that yellow hair o_O

Anonymous said...

yeah my heart broke for like 10 seconds....then reality hit again....

I really don't care.

Good for him if he can get a girlfriend and keep one and have a somewhat "normal" relationship...

I'll cheer for you Su!

eiko-chan said...

Apart from being from the same company, both group's members have known each other since trainee days, so i'm not surprised if they really paired up! Both groups, plus SuJu, must've known each other for years, depending on when they join SM.

So whether or not they have spent a lot of time together during filming, i don't think it matters, since they are already close since ages ago!
They probably love it though, cause they can use the CF as a reason to spend more time together, apart from helping to promote each other!

Anonymous said...

SNSD is much better than all of those slutty girlbands only showing their ass and boobs everywhere EEEUUUWWWW
im glad junsu not hooking up with WG gals and others they all slut!!!

Anonymous said...

It'll be a cold day in hell if DBSK and WG were to ever pair up.

Seriously, if Junsu and Taeyeon are together, then let them be. It's not like the earth will stop rotating the moment they get together.

And I think it's pretty moronic and childish of people to say that SNSD are plastic wannabes and so on. Look at WG. Their faces look like they would melt if they ever step out under the sun and they're pretty lame performers compared to SNSD.

Anonymous said...

haha wg are not plastic snskankd is- just look at their pre and post debut pics, they don't even look like the same people!
wg are entertaining and cute and funny
snskankd is boring zzZZzzZZZzz during their performance at HB... I so would have rather seen wg
some real, cute, talented, charismatic, and interesting girls...
You people who like snskankd prolly just like anything SM poops out.

Anonymous said...

Junsu is the BEST in the cf..hehe..and the cutest and also the funniest too..:D

yoori said...

wow.. how come poor Wonder Girls get dragged into this... they have NOTHING to do with this scandal, but people keep mentioning them... plus they are not sluts or whores (in fact,if you see any backstage of those girls, you'll notice they are pretty religious)...sorry but i've never seen WG show anything that was inappropriate. So cut it out..

They are good girls who are minding their business and don't deserve to be dragged into something that is completely foreign to them... this is so sad...

So if you have to talk about something, talk abut SNSD and DBSK, because this is what the article is about..

faraflique said...

i love the CF . it's way funnayy though i must admit the fans of both must be really mad .

fieryheart said...

The CF was quite long and still it didn't manage to make me feel interested in the phone.They should show the phone more clearly.

:O said...

Wow, I can see the SoShi hate has started because of these commercials here.
Ugh, I can't stand obsessive jealous fangirls. -_____-

nikeg said...

soshi hate started after they got popular. these cfs just fueled a fire.

but seriously these cfs were genius. the music is catchy, the plot maes it memorable, the sound effects were absolutely hilarious (when micky looks at the ferris wheel LOL), it advertised the phones well (especially the haptic game) the only thing they did wrong was not make more!

to the CSJH comment... SNSD has way more sellable popularity than CSJH does especially since they r on hiatus from korea.

to the bashers... i just laugh BAHAHAHA


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