Saturday, 24 May 2008

Lee Byung-hun is the angel of death?

Weird: Dude, there's a skull on your head.

Or is he portraying a fallen angel? I dunno.

The June 2008 issue of Vogue Korea features the 38-year-old actor in a high fashion spread - the kind that looks really weird and makes you wonder what all that has to do with fashion for the masses.

Sporting a black eye, a skull/ black crow on his head and some black feathery angel's wings, the actor primps and poses for the camera. As weird as it is, it's actually more interesting than Byul's Star Photos.

Lee Byung-hun will soon be on silver screens in the Korean spaghetti Western, The Good, the Bad, the Weird. It was shown at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

Harbinger of Doom?: All in a day's job to bring death and destruction

Too weird: Err...dude, there's a bird on your head.

Source: K-popped! reader Joshua Bonfili
Pics credit: Vogue Korea

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kpop-rubba said...

lmao omg these pics are hilarious

Valerie said...

wow. the mood is really dark. really daring too.

on a side note - i don't know if this has been reported here yet. sorry if it has - Lee Byung Hun will be in this other movie with Josh Hartnett called I Come With The Rain. I saw a preview and it looks pretty interesting.

snapbomb said...

A little dark for me. BTW there is an opportunity for entertainment bloggers to earn money blogging about Cannes. If interested go to

rubie said...

Actually the photoshoot somehow fits the villanous roles he's playing for "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" and "I Come With The Rain" as Valerie mentioned. Angel of Death.. the black spirit that roams.

So, why not.. it's certainly something different than usual pretty poses.. a cool concept, too.

Photomofo said...

There is also a behind the scenes video in their VogueTV section.


fieryheart said...

He looks scary to me.

Anonymous said...

I admit..I like the make-up on him...but the shoot looks overdone with the fake props and too much black. I get the idea, but just too "staged." It would be awesome if it were done on location at a spooky villainous spot. Anyway, I know that bird is fake, but I keep coming back to my traumatic memories of bird poop on the head..NOOOO! Move away Lee Byun-hun!

Anonymous said...

kinda reminded me of constantine..


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