Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Kim Ha-neul sells jeans too

Wow, first it was Jeon Ji-hyeon (Gianna Jun), then it was Uhm Jung-hwa, and now Kim Ha-neul has joined the girls in hawking jeans.

The On Air actress has been selected to not only represent one, but three brands of premium jeans, namely Taverniti So Jeans, Miss Me Jeans and Mek Denim.

We in Malaysia have not heard of these brands before, but they are selling in Japan, Korea and the US of A.

I still prefer Uhm Jung-hwa's pics.

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Uhm Jung-hwa sells jeans
Gianna Jun finds True Religion in jeans


jicks said...

i love kim ha neul!!!

she's making the white jeans look really cool, though the first pic is still my fave ^^

but of course, i'd be buying jeon ji hyun's true religions XD

jas said...

The first pic is nice.

BUt she doesn't really have a butt. hehe. At least, UJH, has some. :)

marcel said...

this is good news bc i like kim ha neul & i'm a jeans girl.. yeah, a lot of us korean gals could use a lil' more booty ;)


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