Friday, 30 May 2008

Kim Suna at Girl Scouts movie premiere

Kim Sun-ah or Suna is still being called "Samsoon". It's not a very nice name to have, but the moniker that propelled her to fame several years ago is still stuck with her. Samsooni (삼순이) as she is fondly referred to was at Seoul's Myeongdong Sogong Lotte cinema on the 26 May for the opening of her movie Girl Scouts. Her co-stars were there to party with her too.

also revealed recently that she has broken up with her boyfriend of more than 3 years (yes the same man she was seeing while filming My Lovely Samsoon) and is now single and free once again.

Pics credit: Hankooki

Kim Sun-ah and Girl Scouts are prepared
Kim Sun-ah reunites with MLSS co-star in Girl Scouts


Photomofo said...

I liked the sam-soon show alot. I hope her new film is a hit. (and her new TV show)


Anonymous said...

yey!!! sam soon is a single lady now... i think this is the perfect time for sam soon and sam shik to be together.. make that rumors come true y'all!!! *jumping*

Dottie said...


She's a great actress on silver and small screens.

nomi said...

at last after a long wait
always luv her

wana said...

i loved my lovely samsoon too. and still does. i dont get bored watching it over and over again :)

hope the new film becomes a success :)

Anonymous said...

Kimmina mia bella ... sei single e libera? Arrivo subito amoruccio mio !!!


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