Friday, 30 May 2008

Welcome to Hallyuwood Theme Park

Hallyuwood: A place for the family

Who needs Disneyland when there's a facility dedicated to Hallyuwood? Yup, a Hallyuwood theme park is being built on a 990,000 square metre site in Gyeonggi Province. It will be completed by 2012.

Below are more of the artist's impression of the place. Sweet!

Asian Garden: Flowers in bloom

Boat ride: Korean version of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Place of fun: A bird's eye view of Hallyuwood

The theme park will house studios where Korean dramas and films are made, entertainment facilities, a museum, shops, Korean cooking classes and restaurants!

Wow, it sure sounds like a must-visit place for the K-popped! Trio....four years and counting!

The ground-breaking ceremony called the Hallyuwood Start Festival was held at Janghang-dong in Goyang City at 5pm yesterday (May 29).

Ambassador: 'Eat my dust Bae Yong-joon and Rain,
I'm the chosen one. Hai-yaah!'

Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, the guest-of-honour cum goodwill ambassador of Hallyuwood Theme Park, was present at the event.

Hey, how come a Hong Kong star gets to be the face of Hallyuwood? Why not Top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon or our beloved Energizer Bunny?

Goodwill ambassador: Jackie Chan will
promote Hallyuwood to the masses

Anyway, an official with the Gyeonggi government explained: "We thought Chan is a perfect fit for this position to publicise Korean culture to the world, as he has a deep interest in Korean culture and is on intimate terms with many Korean stars.”

Korean celebs who turned up for the event include Chan's close friend Choi Ji-woo, I Love Asia singer Kim Ah-joong and Lost star Kim Yun-jin.

Pals: Choi Ji-woo (left) stands by her friend

Gloved ones: Kim Yun-jin (left) and Kim Ah-joong

Source (partial): Digital Chosunilbo
Pics: As credited


Photomofo said...

Jackie is busy these days!


Valerie said...

nothing beats disneyland, the happiest place on earth!

so technically it would be translated to 'korean wave wood?'
looks super extravagant.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Chan and Choi Ji Woo are good buddies? Is that even possible since there is that obvious language barrier? Sign language ah?

Orchid said...

@anonymous i was wondering the same thing. How do they communicate?

Does Choi Jiwoo speak Cantonese? Or does Jackie Chan speak Korean? Or do they BOTH speak English to one another.

MimieJay said...

yup..why Jackie??? i mean i do like Jackie but there's a lot Korean artist that are worthy too! i would pick BoA or Rain or BYJ!

Brian said...

why Jackie? How about Park Chan Wook?

Lee said...

Wow cool!! 8D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard Jackie Chan used to date a korean girl for 7 years and got to learn some korean from her.

fraulein said...

Jackie's command of the korean lang is passable, from what I've heard off the TV

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure if Choi Ji Woo & Jackie Chan are close friends. They were appointed as ambassadors of Hallyuwood Theme Park. Anyway, I think they appointed Jackie Chan because he's more internationallly famous & that will bring people to the theme park. I personally like Bae Yong Joon & Choi Ji Woo as ambassadors because they were the initiators of the Hallyu Wave through their drama Winter Sonata.

Flower said...

Although Jackie Chan is not Korean, he's kind of a smart choice because he's so well know internationally. I mean, who doesn't know Jackie Chan or a movie he's been in? To be honest, if Jackie Chan is promoting it there would probably be more people lined up to visit Hallyuwood than the other stars people suggested.


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