Friday, 16 May 2008

Rain answers Time's 10 questions

Rain answers Time in English

Rain talks candidly (and haltingly :-)) to Time while answering 10 questions from the masses.

His speech is peppered with umms, ahhs, you knows, yeahs and he frequently uses the words "perfect", "amazing", "love" and "pretty" :-).

Nonetheless the interview makes an interesting watch/ read. Good effort Energizer Bunny *pats Bunny on head*. 수고 하셨습니다!

Watch the video above or you can check out the transcript below:

Will you be brave enough to tell your fans that you have met your Miss Right when the time comes?

Umm, if I meet Miss Right, ahh, I'd like to respect her privacy. Her privacy is more important than my gut(?), you know. Yeah, that's all.

In what ways do you think Asian entertainers - whether they are musicians or actors and actresses - how can they influence the Western market, which is clearly different from our own?

You know, umm, it doesn't really matter where they come from. The important thing is people should understand each other. Yeah.

What is the easiest way to seduce you?

Umm...OK, you must be a good cook if you are kind and... pretty? That's even better, it's perfect. Yeah.

Where are your priorities in both your career and personal life?

Umm, for now, ahh, I wanna work harder than ever to achieve my dream...while I'm in my twenties? Ahh..and when I'm in my thirties, I'd like to get married and have a wonderful family, you know. Yeah, that's my dream.

If you had a chance to introduce Korean culture to people overseas, which aspect would you like to introduce to them first?

OK, ah that's a good question. I love all Korean food, you know, you know kimchi? Kimchi's perfect, it's amazing. You just try it and I bet you're gonna like it. Yeah.

Interviewer seems unconvinced, which prompted Rain to ask:

(laughs) Do you like kimchi? (Interviewer gives a lame "yes") Yeah, it's my favourite.

What is your definition of being successful?

OK, I umm...when the people I know are proud of me, when the people I know are praying for me and when people remember my name after die. Yeah.

Rain talks about his ideal girl

What songs are on your iPod right now?

Yeah, umm I have so many songs umm, umm in my iPod. You know, I love hip hop, R&B and rap music. My favourite singer is Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole and Eminem - they are the best. Yeah it's awe- they are the best. It's awesome. I love my iPod.

What do you do with all the gifts given to you by your fans worldwide?

Yeah, OK umm, I appreciated my fans first. I'll try to keep the gifts at home so that I can see them whenever I feel lonely. They are very encouraging. You know, yeah, it's amazing. I love fans. (laughs)

What advise would you give to the young people who look up to you and even want to be like you?

Ummm, just work hard, you know. That's how I did, there's the way to get there. Yeah.

If you could go back in time, would you leave all this and return to your normal life?

Umm, well the thing is, I forgot what I did before ahh. If I go back in time I might be able to meet more people, especially pretty girls - heh heh - and spend less time for training, yeah. Never work out...never hard training. (chuckles)

Thanks to K-popped! reader Joshua Bonfili for the heads up ;-).


Anonymous said...

Yeah, hmm, ok, Amazing, this was so , hmm , yeah, perfect, pretty intervew..yeah

lol.. wtf??? at least he understood the questions well.. yeah, hmm, okay, hmm, i love

Photomofo said...

woohoo, you used my story!

so .... I guess I'm famous now!



yeli said...

LMAO at the first comment...

well, at least he tried! you can tell that his english vocabulary needs a lot of work and he uses all those yeahs, uhmms and okays to give himself time to think...

lets hope that by the time he has to do promotions for Ninja Assassin he will be able to hold a coherent conversation..

by the way, i couldn't make myself watch the must be very painful to watch lol

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha...yeah, I like his over-use of "yeah, ahhh, mmmm,"...Really, I think it's cute. I mean when I am speaking a language that I am learning, I always use tons of filler words especially when I'm nervous and I can't complete an answer well. It's really not all that painful to watch, I think he got his points across and I am soo surprised that he understood the questions (the interviewer didn't use the easiest of English words).

Wanda said...

I absolutely love Rain. And I'm happy to hear him speaking English. He has good pronounciation, but I think he's still having a bit of trouble with comprehension. Yes, he uses a lot of "pause" words to give himself time to think, but even native English speakers do that, so give him a break. The more he practices speaking, the better his English will become. Just give it time. At least he enunciates and accents the proper syllables for the most part. Kudos to him for being confident enough to do an interview in English when he's still not 100% confident in his abilities. LOVE YOU RAIN!!!

Mel said...

IMO I thought he did a good job in this interview, sure he uses a lot of ¨crutches¨ but it is just because he needs to find the words in English to express himself (which is kinda hard for him I guess), but he still manages to deliver good and understandable answers.

What I love about this entertainer is that even though he is very succesful, he stays humble and true to himself.

Valerie said...

he did his best. keep working on it rain.
on a side note, after all those pictures came out of his ninja assassin training, i'm even more excited.

Anonymous said...

LOL . you are so mean people, the men is trying, in the past he wasn`t able to pronunciate and least talk in emglish, now he is learning and it`s evident, he was nervous, if you checck in youtube a videoof him few years ago, he used to make faces especially with his mouht, and now he didn`t do it anymore, love you RAIN!

Orchid899 said...

He looks like he's trying so hard. Keep up the great work! And I think he said, never "hard" training.

okshio~ said...

my gosh :O
i like rain and all but...
that was the hardest interview to watch EVER
it was pretty.. umm.. haha.. yeah.. funny.. hehe.. yupp.. yeah.. uh huh..

Orchid said...

Thanks for the heads up photomofo (Josh). =)

I watched the entire so proud and happy for 비. He answered all the questions himself and like everyone commented, he understood the questions.

I remember when Rain was interviewed by Lorraine Hahn on Talk Asia (Dec 2005), at the end of the interview, he said that he hopes to be able to conduct interviews in English next time. Now, that dream has come true. I am sure his vocabulary will improve in time. =)

Congratulations Rain! 사랑해요!!!

falisa said...

i think his English is not that bad compared to some other korean stars..i guess he'll improve as time goes by...hikss...

Caryn said...

I really love Rain. but his hair look like MJ in the vid. Is tht his style in his upcoming movie?

Anyway,has the show started filming yet? Or is he still training his martial arts?

Tyler said...

Ha ha ha this is hilarious. Thanks.

rainonus said...

You gotta admit he's improving..I mean come on he's not a full time English student...He's very busy with all his projects that it gives him lesser time to squeeze into his schedules learning English...What's great about him is that he never stops learning..

Anonymous said...

uhm..yeah..ok..that was so..uhm..i dunno..what was that?

oh gawd. sure..he tried. but he has a loooong way to go. i'm starting to get really nervous about ninja assassin. ugh. he needs help.


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