Friday, 16 May 2008

K-popped! Around the World

It's FRIDAY! And over here in Malaysia, there's going to be a long weekend since Monday is a public holiday. Whoo hoo!

Been doing a little Hallyu surfing today and realised that there are so many K-popped! events happening everywhere else except in Malaysia :-(.

Come and take a look at them with me:

FT Island entertains Thailand

FT Island was in Thailand again (and performed!) at the SEED awards. They received the Asia's Most Popular Artist gong.

The quintet, who ditched their Malaysia concert at the very last minute in March 2008, performed Lovesick and Until You Get Here for their happy Thai fans at the event.

Note to all Malaysian fans who purchased their concert tickets from TicketCharge - Go get your partial refunds now!

Lotte Cinema in Vietnam

Lotte Cinema opened cinemas in Ho Chi Minh (HCM) and Da Nang in Vietnam! There are also plans to open a Lotte Mart in HCM at the end of the year. A Lotte Cinema may be operating from within the mart.

Following that, a Lotte Mart will also be opening in Hanoi.

Lotte Cinema won't work in Malaysia since there are already many cinema operators in our country. The current cinema giant is Golden Screen Cinemas, while other operators playing catch up are Cathay Cineleisure and Tanjong Golden Village.

As for Lotte Marts in Malaysia, there are already few a supermarkets around, especially in the Koreatown(s) of Malaysia.

Se7en goes to San Francisco

It's hard trying to crossover to the US isn't it? From being a big star who easily fills up stadiums in Korea to working the club circuit in America.

Se7en is taking his music to San Francisco clubbers on May 23. Touted as Northern California's largest nightclub, 1015 boasts five different dance floors. Party starts at 10pm onwards.

K-pop extravaganza in Mongolia

Korean acts are heading to Ulan Bator in Mongolia for the 2008 Korea-Mongolia Cultural Festival on June 1.

K-pop stars appearing at the event include Younha (pic above) and trot singer Tae Jin-ah a.k.a. Eru's Dad.

Nothing in Malaysia

Nothing K-popped!'s happening. Oh, boo-hoo.

On a happier note, if you'd like to share with us the many K-popped! happenings around your place, please submit your fantastic photos at our very happening (OK, maybe not that happening) group on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Younha is such an amazing singer! I'd do almost anything to see her!!!

Anonymous said...

i just recently discovered Younha and i think she's awesome too! i'd have to say that i think she's the best korean female singer among this generation. hate me all you want for saying this but i think she's so much better than BoA! Younha is so underrated.

as for se7en being in, 1015 is STILL going on? that club has been around FOREVER!

|izz|ee said...

There's the Korean Music Festival going on in Hollywood this weekend. It consists of Fly to the Sky, DBSK, and many other artists!! Too bad I'm going to miss it. :(

Anonymous said...

maan...younha's coming here...soooooooooo HAPPPYYYYYY!!!..gonna go and see her!!!!!!!....


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