Monday, 5 May 2008

Se7en talks new album at LA preview party

Presstime: Se7en talks to the media before his live performance

Se7en, who went into hiding to prepare for his debut English album, had a preview party in Los Angeles on May 2.

The Korean singer, who is trying to crossover to the US, sang three tracks during the preview namely Girls, Money Can't Buy Love and You Got Me Now.

Confident: Se7en speaks to the press in English
without the help of a translator. Good effort, but I only found
coverage of the event at Korean sites. Where did the English media go?

But before taking to the stage, the 24-year-old talked in English to the press sans translator about working on the album, mastering a foreign tongue and his hopes for the album.

Se7en is nervous but optimistic

The young man is feeling the pressure as all of Kpopland watches his upcoming debut in the US. He said: "It's rare for an Asian singer to debut in the US and the load is heavy on my shoulder. The nervousness is actually bigger than the burden. I'm feeling like 5 years ago before my debut.

"There's prejudice towards Asian singers but my music will change that. Famous producers (such as Mark Shimmel & Rodney "Darkchild" Jenkins) worked on my album, which includes R&B, pop and hip hop music that will be able to remove the prejudice on an Asian singer. If it's played on radio, it will feel as if it's sung by a current singer because it is made to current trends of music," he added.

Wrestling with a foreign tongue

Like that other Korean star who is trying to crossover to the United States (read: Rain), grasping the English language remains one of Se7en's biggest challenges.

But having stayed in the US for 6 months, Se7en already has a steady hold on English, judging by his confidence in conducting the latest PC without a translator.

Entertainer: Se7en entertains the masses with his latest tracks

He said: "I had to study pronunciations and the meaning of the lyrics. I studied English for 4-5 months, 3-4 hours a day.

"It'll be great if my English is perfect. But as a singer, the music should be the one to do the talking. If my thoughts can be transmitted through music, then my English will follow through. This year, next year, I'll continue to show my growth."

Se7en's US debut album is tentatively set to drop on 7/7 (of course) this year.

Geez, why do I have to go the roundabout way in getting this story? Silly isn't it when Se7en actually spoke in English during the PC and I only found coverage of the event at a Korean site, and then had to scour for the translation at the Soompi forum.

If that's the case, Se7en should have just continued using Korean during his recent PC since no English publication/ media covered it.

July 2008: His US debut album will tentatively be released on July 7

Source: Yonhap & cecilia @ soompi &
Pics credit: Newsen & Hankooki


Anonymous said...

yesss... haha you know he got a little chunky??? haha but yeah i love his upcoming single... GIRLS.. haha, the song is like base on him anyways.. ahah i love the part that goes... "like will, I'm Legend"... hahah my favorite part.. and about the GOOgle part too.. ahha

Clammy said...

Oh dear god, the scary part is, half the people in the front there are probably people I know. I wanted to go to the concert, or at least the after party but I was camping =/

Anonymous said...

I like that song "girls" Its smooth and kinda sexy. I loved the dancers too. I think he should continue to work on his conversational English. The more English he knows the better he can promote. Best of luck to se7en. I know i'll be picking up the album.

dissappointed said...

I understand this prejudice at US. When I saw Speedracer making and the red carpet at E!News, they almost didnt show Rain as one of the actors ... Seriously it saddened me. Why don't give Asian a chance? Sheesh.

vanessa said...

i think it's great that he spoke in english anyway. i've been wondering about how well his speaking is, and i have to say i'm pretty impressed. he still can improve, but at least if he conducts more interviews in english, it'll become more comfortable for him as time goes on - which is always good, whether the english media covered him or not.

Anonymous said...

can he please represent "KOREA" first before saying "ASIA".. other asians don't approve, you know...

StarCrystal said...

Mnet Wide News - Excerpt of LA press conference + Highlands

Since this is by Mnet, there is more coverage with the Korean press. It shows some English responses by Se7en and highlights of his performances.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where we can buy
Se7en's new english album?

Liz said...

Hmmm, I really don't know what's happening with Se7en. Does anyone know?

He's a little too quiet, especially for someone who is supposed to drop his album on July 7 as stated at the Red Queen Media website.

Speaking of which, the Red Queen Media website isn't working on my end. I can't access it at all.

What happened, Se7en?

Anonymous said...

i really want to buy his album
but i dont know where to find it!
i searched everywhere and also
in the i-net but nowhere!
where the fuck is his album?
i thought it will be released 7/7!
man its already the 9th!
im kinda scared that it wont appear
this month anymore.
i really really love money cant buy
me love! this track will be the
next hit, i'm sure, hoe the
music vid is very creative!
not that kinda copycat stuff of JT!
i loooove this song! this song
should be his first single, cuz
it has got this special electtic
beats like way i are! but girls
is okay though! anyway I WANT
his album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
geeeez i cant wait anymore!

Anonymous said...

@Liz: July 7 has always been stated as a tentative date - the date is not in stone. Seems like they're still preparing, which is always a good idea.

Liz said...

@anonymous, it's taking so long. Is it ever going to be released?


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