Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tablo in car accident

Epik High's frontman Tablo met with a car accident on May 20 and was sent to the hospital!

However, determined not forgo his work engagements, the 28 year-old still appeared at the Mnet's M Countdown and even hosted his live radio program Tablo's Dreamy Radio on May 22.

Workaholic: Tablo gets right back to work after his
car accident. Can you say...dedication?

All this when he still wasn't discharged from the hospital! However, the hardworking entertainer did promise his doctors that he wouldn't overexert himself and promptly returned to the hospital after fulfilling his duties.

Tablo thanked his fans for their love and support at his personal mini homepage on May 21. He wrote that he still suffered from complications and pain from the accident but looked forward to resuming work the following day.

Get well soon, Tablo.

Source: KBS World
Pic credit: Newsen

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Anonymous said...

noooo!!!! oooh get well soon Tablo!!


Photomofo said...

Hope he is OK.

Anonymous said...

Pleas get well soon Tablo! I can't live without you!!!!

elpasira said...!!hope he fine...


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