Thursday, 29 May 2008

Nicky Hilton's Fashion Show in Seoul

I didn't know that socialite and party girl Paris Hilton's younger sister Nicky is a fashion designer. Okay, maybe i have not been keeping up with the Hollywood scene since i've been k-popping so much. ;-) So, tell me, did you know this?

Well, Nicky Hilton was in Seoul recently to launch her clothing lines Nicholai and Chick.

Nicholai is the high-end brand while Chick carries more casual wear. Nicky held a fashion showcase for the brands' Fall/Winter 2008 collection in Seoul on the 22nd May.

Nicholai / Chick By Nicky Hilton

For more runway photos, go to


Mel said...

Yup I knew she was a Fashion Designer.. I like her clothing line ;)

Anonymous said...

what the hell is she doing in seoul?! someone needs to kick her out!!!

Chianz said...

Samantha Thavasa was my one my favourite designer brand as well.

R. W. said...

Her designs don't look that bad... if you have zero body fat or shape. In other words, it seems like shes a fashion designer that creates fashions for models instead of the rest of us, and thats the LAST thing the fashion industry needs another one of. Either way, it's good that Seoul's FW is getting attention!

Jackie said...

I thought her clothing line would look cute. It's uglyyyyyyyy....


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