Friday, 9 May 2008

TicketCharge refunds fans, C.I. Entertainment defends FT Island

K-popped! received an e-mail from C.I. Entertainment this morning about the ticket refund from TicketCharge!

Guys, if you bought your tickets from TicketCharge, the good news is that they are refunding buyers on an ex-gratia payment basis!

Refund! Refund!: Get your refunds at TicketCharge

What the heck does that mean? It means you'll be getting a partial amount (41.06% to be exact) of the sum total of what you paid. The ex-gratia payment to ticketbuyers will begin from May 15 until June 14.

However, ticketbuyers will need to fill out and bring along an acceptance letter to be eligible for the ex-gratia payment. It's downloadable at the TicketCharge website.

The partial refund is only available to those who purchased the FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia concert ticket through the TicketCharge hotline, online site, Mid Valley Boulevard office and Lot 10 information counter.

Purchases from C.I. Entertainment and/or other channels are not qualified for the partial refund.

When will the outstanding 58.94% be refunded to ticketbuyers? I guess you'll have to wait for C.I. Entertainment's announcement on that.

But for now, the local organiser has taken to defending the FT Island boys saying that the boyband is not at fault for the cancellation of the concert and hopes that fans will continue to support them.

FT Island: Has the boyband lost some fans after
the Malaysia concert fiasco?

Here, read the e-mail K-popped! received below:

Dear all,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your patience in bearing with us. As belated as it is, we would like to clear some doubts from the fans, in regards to rumors surrounding FT Island. Rest assured that these rumors depicting the artistes in a bad light are unfounded and baseless, and remain the speculation of the public alone. The artistes were cooperative and friendly throughout their stay here, and deeply regret that the concert was called off through no fault of the artiste.

We hope that you, as fans, would continue to show your support to FT Island and keep a neutral stand on these rumors. We hope to have no more rumors circulating around as this also hurts the artistes.

Again, we thank you for your patience in bearing with us as we continue to upgrade our server as well as settle all pending matters in regards to the unfortunate cancellation of FT Island's show here.

Tickets bought through TicketCharge are being refunded partially from 15 May to 14 June 2008. Kindly log on to for more details.

CI Entertainment


Anonymous said...

after all this waiting, we are only given a partial refund only to those that booked via the tix hotline or the office.
CI entertainment is not professional at all they should be organising this with the tix company under it.
what will happen to the fan package and the shoes?
let's go burn ci office(if there's actually one...)

KKVL said... least we're gertting something back..tat's a consolation..

not to sound like i'm blowing my trumpet oir anything.. but after i've sent an email to the malay mail hotline...all this start to come up..

well.. i sent da email a month or so ago.. but it wasn't till 2 days ago tat they got in contact wif me.. and we talked over the phone and did some things..

the malay mail published the complaint i (kelly) and anonymous made..and after tat..all this good has cOme..well..i dunno if it's connected.. but i feel it is.. after the media (the malay mail) took notice on this...

anyone who wants to see the report..please get today's copy of the malay mail..i'd type it out here.. but since almost all of us here are in msia.. getting da newspaper shudn'e be too difficult rite?

Me said...

^I don't think coz of yr letter that they do this. It just coincidence I think. Beside that Malay Mail just afternoon paper not major paper.

How come only k-popped post about this. I don't see this on other FTI forum. I though CI Ent will email all media/forums. Well, either they really pissed off and don't bother at all or also don't act profesional.

Let see after this IF any event co will bring Korean artist to Malaysia. Kpop Kingdom no activities. CI Ent been like this. CMG no news yet on Super Junior Show. I doubt they will bring the boys here.

Liz said...

Hey people, don't forget to get your partial refunds today!

Download the acceptance letter, fill it up, bring your unused ticket (I think) and walk up to the TicketCharge counter for your refund!

I hope everything goes well. Has anyone got their refund back.

Anonymous said...

how about the others?
how they get their refunds?

KKVL said...

anonymous: ticket charge's oni giving da ex-gratia repayment to customers who directly bought frm ticketCharge.. those who bought elsewhere/other or something..will have to refer back to wherever/however they bought it from...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so does anyone get their money yet???
Wait, how about the rest of the money?
will we get the other half of the money??
I went to ticketcharge yesterday and I think the worker there is freaking cocky..hate him!!!
I forgot to ask him about the other half of the money..Will we ever get it????

Anonymous said...

already got the ex-gratia..and need info on the other 60%...will we ever get the rest back???

KKVL said...

^ my friend's doing the repayment thing..since her dad bought it via credit she's handling it..she hasn't called me abt recieving the money yet..maybe i'll call her later..since it's way pass teh last day to collect..the money shud be credited back into her dad's acc...

as for the other part of the money..ticket charge can't do much..since tat part of the money's been given over to ci.. the oni way is to either prganise a manhunt to track down ci..and ask em face to face.. or wait till they show up and refund us..( if they ever do...)


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