Thursday, 8 May 2008

Won Bin’s fan club donates RM30k to UNICEF

Fans of Won Bin are a bunch to be admired, aren’t they? They are donating 10mil won (RM30, 693) to UNICEF since their idol is the special representative of the organisation!

Their generosity is in celebration of Won Bin’s comeback to showbiz! The fan club called Binus has about 50,000 members. The fund was collected among themselves and will be given to UNICEF today (May 8).

Proud idol: Won Bin's fans donated a substantial amount of $$$ to
UNICEF in a show of support for him

Won Bin has been missing in celluloid action since 2005’s My Brother. The actor enlisted in the army in Nov 2005 but was discharged in June 2006 because of a knee ligament injury that needed surgery. Since then, he has been keeping a low profile. The 31-year-old's comeback project will be a movie entitled Mother.

Won Bin must be so proud of his Binus-es or whatever they call themselves :-).

You know what Rain's Clouds could do? Since they have such a strong presence, evidenced by the crazy online voting for the Korean superstar on TIME 100, they could organise a Myanmar Relief Fund for the victims of Cyclone Nargis. Now THAT would be awesome!

(For those who do not know, Cyclone Nargis ripped through Myanmar on Friday. The UN said more than a million have been made homeless. So far, 22,000 people have been killed with another 41,000 missing.)

Source & Pic credit: Newsen (Won Bin's story)

Won Bin is UNICEF's ambassador
Won Bin appointed UNICEF special representative
Won Bin to make 1st public appearance on Sept 6


ana said...

i totally agree with u about the rain's cloud.

Linda said...

About Cyclone Nargis, they are refusing help from the US, not sure why, but because of that the US is not helping. This was on the news. So dumb! Let their government try to clean up the mess on their own.

Anonymous said...

that's awesome! i think ALL fanclubs should follow this route instead of wasting their money on sh*t that their idols will just either give away or throw away.

jicks said...

Aaahh... Won Bin <333333

Goes to show that the power of star influence. I'm glad it's all for a great cause =)


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