Thursday, 29 May 2008

U-know talks about his ex-girlfriend

On May 15, while recording The Star Show for SBS, U-know Yunho (of wildly popular boyband DBSK) said that the reason he broke up with his girlfriend was because of Super Junior's Heechul.

The story goes like this:

The guys, who are both under SM Entertainment, used to spend a lot of time together before their debut. They lived and practiced together.

Blame game: 'It's all Heechul's fault!'

There was this one time when U-know and Heechul went to the cafe together. U-know's girlfriend spotted the pair and saw U-know's companion from the back. Since Heechul had long hair at that time and looked feminine, she mistook him for another girl!

U-know had to do damage control after the incident, explaining to his then girlfriend that Heechul is a guy, who is just a friend. But they eventually broke up.

Oh man, poor Heechul. I wonder if he's taking that "look like a girl from the back" thing as a compliment or insult? :-P

Source & Pic credit: Sports Seoul with translations by Joe Gimm

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비비안 said...

Hahahahaha.... very cute story... when i first first know TVXQ in year 2004.. me also assuming 4 boys and 1 girl. Jaejoong the girl ... (No offend)

Heechul?? Yeah... if he didn't cut his long hair and didn't voice out his voice... I think most of u will think he is a girl...

Thanks for sharing this information. At least this has clarify that the rummors saying Heechul snatch his GF is untrue~~~

Orchid said...

i wonder if the girl is regretting now. or if she is a TVXQ fan at all. ;-)

Johan said...

HAHAHA! OMG! OMG! I knew Heechul's then-bapok like look would eventually lead to some sort of trouble. Poor Yunho.

On another note, I'm glad Heechul decided to cut off his long locks. He looks a whole lot better with his short hair now.

Anonymous said...

i thought heechul looked like a man from the front too
they also mentioned how heechul loveeeeed to wear a pink flowery shirt back then too!

Anonymous said...

It's not cute. Can you guys be any more gullible? She clearly say them doing more than just standing there. She must have seen something, like a kiss or am embrace. You don't break up with a boyfriend just because he's standing near another girl. Or a girl who is really a guy. No. The dude is gay and the girlfriend caught them!

cho said...

haha anonymous said i what i was thinking lol

OKSHIO~ said...

thats pretty funny :D
i feel bad for u know though
but i like heechul better than u know :D
u know what i mean?
okay. that was unexceptionally corny
and lame :)
this is random but ki bum oppa is soo much better~~

MimieJay said...

HeeChul would have been my favourite SuJu member if he isn't so but he's soo funny!

Yunho or heechul.. i would spent more time with HeeChul because he is sooo funny! and he's a SuJu member!!


elpasira said...


aya said...

Yunho and Heechul are extremely close.. according to yunhoo (during an interview), when heechul and he went outing, heechul usually likes to wear pink shirt and weird bag (maybe the type of bag girls will use).. in the mentioned cafe where yunho girlfriend spotted him wth someone they were reading the menu or smthng and Heechul was kind of lean his head to yunho shoulder. that was the part his girlfriend saw.. if i'm not mistaken, the damage contol by yunhoo succeed but its just that they eventually broke up due to many issues.. Yunhoo are close to the DBSK and other suju members too, and leaning their head to one of the member is kind of normal. yunho's one of the most mature among them after all. More like a brother.. i don't think this was an insult to heechul anyway.. he dress as a girl in one of Suju's MV.. he has a very feminine feature IMO, eventho yunho defend him by saying he's actually very manly :)


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