Sunday, 8 June 2008

Big Bang takes Global Warning Tour to Thailand

Big Bang's here to rock you!

And we Malaysians are consistently left out! Why is it that our dear neighbours get to enjoy so much K-pop while we Malaysians only get K-pop acts every now and then?

The Big Bang boys held their first independent concert in Thailand on June 7th. Called the Global Warning Tour (nice title), the party started at 8pm at the Huamark Indoor Stadium in Bangkok.

It is said that 10,000 fans including those from Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam showed up for the concert. I'm certain some Malaysian fans went for it as well, although they were not mentioned in the report by Hankooki.

As expected, the boys rocked the house! :-)

Were you there?

The Big Bang boys heat up the stage

'Lemme hear you scream!'

Everyone wants a piece of Tae Yang

Tae Yang puffs out his chest and shows
off his rock solid bod

Seung-ri makes grown men genuflect

Dae-sung sings his heart out for a lucky fan,
who looks overwhelmed. Someone's walking
on cloud nine...

Fan loses it when Dae-sung goes all gentleman-like
and kisses the back of her hand

Other fans look on with envy

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki


Anonymous said...

Thailand >:| . Why??? Just come further down to Malaysia. It's not that far.

annabanana said...

dude so jealous so jealous! lol

Anonymous said...

Dang, those people are so lucky especially that girl who got to be on stage. I'll die if Daesung kiss my hand like that. She is so freaking LUCKY!!!

Me said...

No organizer + No $$$ = No concert. Simple math as that. Fans power? No used at all. Unless fans have enuff money to bring. No money no talk.

Anonymous said...

awww romantic!

Valerie said...

ahh! i wish i was there! i'd be screaming soo loud for TOP.
even though i haven't been to a concert of theirs i'm sure they really deliver an awesome, entertaining show.

joy said...

OMG!! I'm so jealous of that fan!! >< .I'm not a big fan of big bang but i can imagine dae sung as my junsu XD!!

Anonymous said...

DBSK also headed off to Thailand. Why lah???
What we have in common with Thailand:
-bloody hot weather
-screaming fans
-we've got thai food too, ya know
- and whole lot more :D

Anonymous said...

you still get more than NY! you would think they come often, seeing as its NYC but noo... only LA. damn them!
theres a chusok festival but you have to sit through about 20 nobodies to get to anyne good- and its never anyone like BB.

blinkable said...

Me? I was there and the concert was really awesome! The most expensive ticket was RM200! xD
Thai BB fans are amazingly friendly and helpful ^^
As for the concert, I felt like as if I went to a hip happening club ;) That girl was pretty lucky since she was being serenaded by DaeSung and received necklace and flowers and a kiss on her hand~
The Coffee Prince parody was fun to watch tho I was struggling with the Hangul *LOL* Oh during "Dirty Cash", there were also fake money dropping from the "sky" and everyone were scrambling for one!

Liz said...

Wow blinkable, that sounds like a really cool the happening! Thanks for telling us all the things we missed :-).

lxxve said...

what the hell??
i'm sure malaysian love that very much too...
why they just ignore malaysian??
that's not fair!!


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