Saturday, 7 June 2008

THE FACE SHOP : Win a trip to Korea!

I was walking around at The Curve, Damansara when i caught a glimpse of Kwon Sang Woo and he was asking me to go to Korea with him! ;-) ㅋㅋㅋ To be precise, it was a cardboard version of Sang Woo sshi, with the announcement that THEFACESHOP is currently having a contest and you might win a trip to Korea!

Yes! I want to go to Korea!

With that thought in mind, i stepped into the shop and was ready to buy whatever it takes to participate. =)
A very pretty lady assisted me in getting their star product, the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask. You either buy this or purchase up to RM150 to enter the contest. Without appearing over-enthusiastic, i listened attentively to what the product can do. The sleeping mask is to be applied twice per week after your usual night moisturizer. You then leave it on overnight. The mask will increase the elasticity, tighten pores and thoroughly hydrate your skin. Plus it smells quite nice. Okay, i'm sold!

THEFACESHOP's star product cost RM89.90

After looking around the brightly lit shop, i realized that THEFACESHOP does have many interesting products! They have this shea butter lip balm that smells similar to chocolate that i really like, but didn't get.

But i did bring home these other items...


  • Black Label Eye Shadow in Gold Pearl Pink (RM22.90)
  • Eyelash XNS (RM8.90)
  • Eyelash Adhesive (RM8.90)
  • Strawberry scented emery board (RM3.90) - not shown in pic
If you are interested, below are the details on how to enter the lucky draw contest.


Win a trip to Korea for 2 persons worth RM8,000!

6 June - 3 August 2008

How to participate:
Purchase the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask (RM89.90) or purchase up to RM150 in a single receipt to be eligible for the lucky draw.


Photomofo said...

Good luck!


You should ask if you can have the cardboard KSW after the contest is over....Then with alittle whiteout and some new text you have a new Kpopped mascot.

fieryheart said...

I'm interested in purchasing that product (only because of Kwon Sang Woo promoting the contest) but I have to admit the price of that mask is quite steep.I guess I'll have to persuade my mom into buying it.

Valerie said...

i think i definitely need that sleeping mask stuff pronto! ooh! fake eyelashes! rock `em out girl!
i hope you win! and the trip better come with a meeting with KSW himself!

joy said...

Hi. Just wondering,is the eye lash adhesive good? If it is,i might want to buy it :P (which definately would not entitle me to the contest....oh well....)

Orchid said...

Thanks photomofo...

If we do win, will definitely bring back lots of pics for you guys. =)

@Valerie, didn't even think of meeting KSW. The trip itself was exciting enough, but now that you mention it...yeah meeting him would be like the icing on the cake!!

@joy Yes the eyelash adhesive is good. Tried it yesterday. The fake lashes comes with a small tube of adhesive. It's included and stored at the back of the eyelash box. But according to the sales girl, that's not that good.

Anonymous said...

what is rm89 to dollar?

sasjo said...

Good luck! :-D

Liz said...

@anonymous, RM89 = US$27.50

Nie said...

oh really? thats so cool!!!
I wish I can enter, but sadly I can't!!
I don't even know if they have that product here in the US?
or do they? do they?? I hope they do!!!
oh good luck!! I wish you luck!
I hope you win the contest!!
take pictures and meet hallyu stars

Anonymous said...

I have been using the Faceshop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask for a while now. And absolutely love it!! It's not oily, smells great, and makes my skin feels smoother. Yup, would definitely buy it again.... it's a bit expensive for some people, but I find that one bottle lasts very long because you just pump out a little for the entire face!

Anonymous said...

Huh? I see that it's no RM89 for the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask?!?? Hmmm...I think I bought it last year for RM79... Looks like the price has gone up, by a lot!

Anonymous said...

RM89 is about US$27.

Liz said...

I like the fake eyelashes :-). Me wanna get a pair...yay!

fraulein said...

I swear by the Face Shop's eye shadow. I've tried several other brands but they never last, past noon. That was before my KSW radar was switched on - now I have even more reasons to shop at the Face Shop. I wonder if they run that promotion in SG too...


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