Sunday, 15 June 2008

Cast and crew of East of Eden dine together

Dinnertime: The cast and crew break bread together

The talents of MBC's big budget drama East of Eden had dinner with their crew on June 11 in Youido, Seoul.

See the pic above? I spot (from left): Han Ji-hye (with hat), Park Hae-jin, Dennis Oh, Lee Yeon-hee and Lee Da-hae (with spectacles).

Don't they all look cosy and chummy sharing a drink of soju and some delicious Korean food? I bet it's an effort for the talents and crew to get to know each other better before filming starts.

Too bad hottie and lead actor Song Seung-hun was a no-show! 오빠, 어디에 있었어요?

The highly-anticipated drama, which costs KRW 25 billion to make, is scheduled to start airing in Korea this August.

All smiles: Cutie pie Han Ji-hye is
in demand!

Serene: Not overacting now, Lee Da-hae

Smirk: Does Lee Yeon-hee have a secret?

2nd male lead: Yeon Jung-hoon holds down the
fort since Song Seung-hun didn't show up

Up and coming: Will East of Eden be
Dennis Oh's ticket to stardom?

Promising talent: Park Hae-jin is in the
mix of stars as well

Source & Pics: MBC via Hankooki

Han Ji-hye roped in for East of Eden
Cast selected for East of Eden


erv said...


i'm not sure whether lee heon yee was the girl for Timeless MV. was she?

Anonymous said...

is east of eden a movie or a series? just wondering.....

Orchid said...

hi's a 50-episode big budget drama. hit the links at the bottom of this entry to find out more.

inquinn said...

'erv' - yes, she was the girl in Timeless MV :) and Lee Da Hae 'not overacting now'? am i missing out on something? btw, i bet the Sonyeo Shidae girls are all eating their hearts out heh. i know most of them have the hots for SSH. i would be green with envy if a colleague gets to work with him :D

Valerie said...

ooh. double hottie alert with dennis oh and song seung hun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree. Lee Dae-Hee's acting in "my girl" was just WAAAAY over-the-top = OVERACTING

wawa said...

weeee...dennis oh!!!!
i'm looking forward to it...

baolee said...

For some reason I'm excited about this drama...

Anonymous said...

dennis oh is in the series too??? this is the first i've heard about it...anyone know what type of charactr he'll be portraying?

Soohyun said...

i'm anticipating this drama.
park hyejin~ [or park hae-jin] guh, he's suchh a hottie.

love lee yeonhee , too . :)

fraulein said...

dennis oh looks a bit daniel henney'esque


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