Monday, 16 June 2008

About Rain, skin and a dance show

I was in a cab on the way to a Hip-Hop dance competition performance (more on that later) when I spotted our beloved Energizer Bunny, Bi, in 百姓 magazine.

百姓 (Common People) magazines are found in Beijing taxis
for us passengers to pass the time while stuck in horrible traffic.

There is a short blurb about Rain sharing his tips on how he keeps his skin looking healthy.

My Mandarin's not so great, so I've just written the gist of what I think the article says. If you'd like to provide a proper translation, please do!

"Rain keeps his tanned skin healthy with a combination of a healthy diet, proper skin care and exercise. He advises us to drink lots of water, take Vitamin C supplements and use skin care products containing DHC.

Back at home, after a hard day of work, Rain uses whitening lotion and a mask that prevents and controls sun spots (melanin spots) from emerging."

Well, I knew that. Gee, some tip.

But it was a good to see Bi prior to attending a Hip-Hop dance competition. So there I was in the cab, head in the clouds, day dreaming about gochugaru hot boys with toned bodies and luscious babes getting jiggy on the dance floor only to be shown this:

Sorry, I can't refund that 1min 40sec you've just wasted watching this.

Okay, perhaps I'm being harsh but the dance moves were just - what's the word - oh yea, WEIRD. Thank goodness it was a free ticket!


Anonymous said...

^_^ ooOoo..I thought that was Bi for a second...except shorter and not so buff....and dancing really oddly...ehehe I guess it could be considered unique~

Rooster said...

Haha, yea, I suppose his style is pretty unique.

Let me clarify just in case the overzealous Bi fans skipped what I wrote about going to a dance contest:-

The guy in the vid is not Bi nor is he Korean! Just wanted to share my experience with ya'll.

By the way guys, it's Orchid's Birthday today!!

Orchid said...

Hi Rooster,

Hey your Mandarin is getting much better! I am so impressed...Rain's skin care routine / advice sounds like a product promo. =) He uses whitening lotion?

Yeah we went to the movies watch Kung Fu Panda. It's really hilarious and Po the panda is really cute. Awesomeness!! At the end of the movie, they played the Kung Fu Panda theme when the credits rolled and Rain was singing!!!!!! Awesomeness!

Liz said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, I thought the dance was hilarious! What's with the sissy-ish moves? Didn't know dance could be so funny. Great stuff.

Photomofo said...

the youtube video is not working for me. Says its no longer available.

Happy B-day Orchid!


Photomofo said...

video is working, I wish it wasn't


Jennifer said...

LMAO! Yeah that was, what's the word, different. I can only imagine what it was like for you at the "Hip Hop Competition" LoL :-P Funny story :D

Mel said...


That dancing routine was just BAD >.< but ohh so very entertaining to watch! :::LOL:::

Lily said...

mm... the whitening products he uses are from the whitening line of DHC, a skincare company. it's not that he uses products containing DHC.


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