Wednesday, 18 June 2008

K-popped! Around the World : Scene 2

I think it's time for another round of KATW. Here are the chosen pics this time around. Thank you to those who contributed.

Daegu Stadium: Melissa Hernandez submitted this picture of Daegu Stadium in the city of Daegu. This is probably where Rain held is final "I'm Coming concert". Check out pics from Rain's Daegu concert.

Korean Graffiti: Suhana Sulaiman and her friends spent many awesome days in Seoul. Here's a a pic of Suhana (far right) with her friends. Behind them is a wall full of Hangul graffiti. Can you read what it says?

Blue flowers: Submitted by K-popped! reader Justin Brandt, this photo taken when he was in Korea. Here's his caption for the pic "If korea has anything america is missing, it's the color blue."

K-popped! in Dhaka Bangladesh: Spotted! Arirang Restaurant - a Korean restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo submitted by Lindsay Herron.

To view more photos submitted by our readers, head to our group in Facebook!

C'mon, be part of our KATW project. If you would like to contribute your photos, read our entry on the K-popped! Around the World

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ok_jk said...

The Korean graffiti picture with the sunflower is actually one of the walls in the Korean drama, 1st Shop of Coffee Prince! It's probably the replica store in Korea. Cool!

wawa said...

yah...the korean graffiti is actually one of the walls in Coffee Prince cafe from the Coffee Prince drama... from what i heared, actually they opened the cafe for fans to visit...

cyndy said...

No wonder the wall looked familiar

Orchid said...

Wow..thanks for telling us that. So the graffiti wall is part of the Coffee Prince cafe? Cool!

Adibah Azhar submitted a pic on the Cafe in KATW scene 1. So now we have two pics of the cafe! Anyone else went there?


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