Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Shin Mina and Yoo Gun promote My Mighty Princess

Tough question: 'What's 3+1?'

Shin Mina (A Love to Kill), Yoo Gun, On Joo-wan and director Kwak Jae-yong (My Sassy Girl) appeared to the press this morning to promote their flick My Mighty Princess or 무림여대생.

The "romantic action comedy" is about Kang So-hwi (Shin Mina), a martial arts prodigy who decides to give up the art when her superhuman powers scare away the boy she likes.

However, when her father is fatally injured in a battle with an old nemesis, she decides to take up martial arts again to avenge her father.

The movie is set for release in South Korea on June 26. And according to Yahoo!, the flick's going to be released in Singapore on Sept 18.

Stars of the show: Left to right On Joo-wan, Shin Mina and Yoo Gun

Superskills: 'I'm gonna be a supergirl in
this movie.'

Superhandsome: 'Yeah, I know I look
good from this side.'

Super co-star: 'Yeah so like I said just now, we were
shooting this really cool scene right...'

Superdirector: 'I know kung fu!'

Pics credit: As credited


Valerie said...

hehe. for a second on joo wan was sung si kyung.
hoo! ::fans myself:: yoo gun is smokin handsome! and he has a smokin nice, low voice to go along with it.
and wow, i haven't watched shin mina since a love to kill! this is going to be awesome! i'm sure she has all out support from her apparent lover TOP. a bit of randomness, she has really nice lips.

Anonymous said...

shin min ah is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

ahh....i've waited for this movie to come out since last year...i wonder what took them so long...anyways, can't wait for it to come out...

Anonymous said...

wow.. yoo gun is smoking hot!!! havent seen him much, he's not popular ke???

Mel said...

I luv Shin Min Ah! she had been MIA lately, can't wait to see this flick :o)


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