Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Jang Hyuk's wedding day

Do you Jang Hyuk, take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?

Another wedding in Hallyuwood.

Jang Hyuk (31) weds Kim Yeo-jin, his sweet heart and the mother of his child. Kim is two years his senior. The two became one at a ceremony on the 2nd June, 6pm at Seoul's Gangnam Imperial Palace Hotel. The pair welcomed the birth of their first son on February 8th earlier this year and have been together since 2002. The six year romance finally culminates in marriage.

Jang Hyuk's latest movie is the Singaporean production - Dance of the Dragon and he was also recently in the SBS drama Bulhandang (Robbers).

More wedding photos...

Jang Hyuk is all smiles as he finally
marries his longtime girlfriend

Cha Tae-hyun is stunned as he spots his
ex-girlfriend in the crowd while MC-ing
the auspicious event

Kim Jong Kook sang at the wedding

Pics credit SidusHQ

Source: Newsen


Celine said...

Hi Orchid,

I'm been a silent reader of K-popped for a while now but today's post trigger me to voice my respect.

I'm SO impressed!!The Korean classes which you guys attended, was so successful that you're able to translate Korean news superbly already? I wanna sign up for it too!!! I wanna learn Korean too! seriously, I'm SOOOO impressed! wow....*respect*


Orchid said...

Dear Celine,

Thanks for the note. It is always great to hear from our readers.

Yeah with the Korean class, we can read names (in Hangul) and place names. Like "Gangnam Imperial Palace Hotel". Age and some gist of the Korean articles. But not complicated stuff yet. Need more classes for all that. And need to boost up on vocabulary. So not that superbly yet. =)

Also, Liz is better at it than i am. ;-)

If you have time and really want to know the Korean language more, do sign up for the class!

You can read Hangul by learning the Korean alphabets yourself. Go to one of our earlier posts for sites that can help you with that.
Learning Korean

Dottie said...

So happy that Jongkook-oppa sang at the wedding.

I think the last time he did that was at Kang Hodong's wedding!

Congrats to the new couple!

Orchid said...

@Dottie...he must he "the wedding singer". ;-)

nhetski said...

yep, KJK is the Korean Wedding Singer haha

he's also singing at MC Yoo's wedding next month :)


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