Monday, 16 June 2008

South Korea gets its own crop circle

On June 3rd, 2008, a crop circle mysteriously appeared on a farm in Chungnam Boryoung City, South Korea. Pictures of the crop circle were taken by South Korean photographer, 98papa. His blog and more pictures of the crop circle can be found here: Photography is Life! If you can read Korean, please help translate a little! I'm itching to know what it says.

Crop circle in Chungnam Boryoung City, the first crop circle
to be documented in South Korea.

Is it a hoax? A work of art? Hmm...

I've spent the last 1/2 hour weeding through paranormal websites in an attempt to find out more about Korea's first crop circle, but their reports are so vague.

Well, at least I've learnt that "genuine" crop circles have microscopic iron deposits lacing the bent plants creating a magnetic field. That lightheadedness people report when stepping into a crop circle could be the iron in their blood reacting to the magnetic field. Of course, this is all speculation.

Heh, you learn something everyday.

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Pic Credit: Photography is Life!


Mel said...

That is so scary..

Orchid said...

Whoa...Rooster, interesting!

Awesome pics on Photography is Life! The crop circles are gigantic. I don't know how anyone could create such huge geometric patterns on the field.

Here's a gist of what's written on the photographer's blog:

03 June, 2008. The photographer, travelling from Kimpo (김포) to Daechon (대천) discovered the crop patterns in Chungnam Boryoung.

He was shocked to discover these mysterious circles in the crop and he was filled with shock and awe as he stepped on the field to check it out.

Could the mysterious circles be the work of UFO? That night, he could not sleep because of all the excitement. Because he could not sleep, he decided to explore the crop circles.

But looking at the gigantic patterns on the ground, it is difficult to distinguish the patterns.

The photographer then got a bird's eye view of the mysterious circles by photographing it on a helicopter.

[Okay, my Korean isn't that great...i used BabelFish ;-)]

Anonymous said...

i believe it's been admitted that crop circles are man-made.

Orchid said...

If it is man-made, has anyone been photographed actually making one? Crop circles are so HUGE with such precision. I believe if it is man-made, it would take a lot of work and man-power, not to mention equipment creating it. But it appears overnight!

Rooster said...

Orchid: Yea, there is documentation on man-made crop circles. There's actually an art group in the UK who 'specializes' in crop-circle creation. But there are also crop-circles that are still unexplained.

Haha, ok, I've been watching too much Discovery Channel.

I guess one would either be a skeptic or a believer. But be it paranormal, natural or man-made, I still think it's fascinating.

Joseph said...

There is a lot of slanted information out there, especially on television. See --

yamis said...

Korean musician Seotaiji has admitted that he is responsible.

He has an album coming up. The land where it was created was on Daewoo land which is a company he 'works' for.

jeny said...


There is an art gorup in U.K.This is a man made crop circles.



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