Monday, 16 June 2008

The one where Orchid celebrates her birthday

Hello K-popped! readers. Orchid is a year older today and here's a peek at what we did on this special day.

Rooster, we wish you were here. But then again, we wouldn't have that entry on the hilarious hip hop dance competition you went to if you were ;-).

For Orchid's birthday, we spent the day doing what most KL Lites do - go to the movies!

Movie ticket: If you want to watch a movie at RM10,
don't go to
GSC Mid Valley. It's RM12 there.

But before we went on our date with Po the Kung Fu Panda - haiyee-ah!, Orchid spotted Rain and tried to steal a kiss from him. Serious. We've got the picture to prove it.

Muacks: 'Gimme a kiss Bi, it's my birthday!'

After that little birthday smooch, we prepared ourselves for awesomeness!

Skadoosh!: It is said that his enemies would go blind
from over-exposure to pure awesomeness!

Kung Fu Panda absolutely rocks! Have you watched it yet? The flick will tickle your funny bone until you fall off your chair. Its pure awesomeness...will BLIND you. Heh heh.

We went for the English version of the movie (there's a Cantonese one for the Chinese audience as well) and when the credits started rolling - guess what? We heard Rain singing in the background!

I'm not complaining, but why did UIP (the local movie distributor) say that Rain's version of the song will only be played in the Cantonese version of the film? It's right there in the English one as well - awesome!

After the movie, we went for lunch. Nope, no Korean meal today. There was a Korean eatery called Korea Qing Zhou Restaurant right above the restaurant we went to, but we decided to go for Taiwanese food instead.

Skip it: No Korean meal for us today...

Eat it: We went for Taiwanese food. Ni hao!

Our meal at Little Taiwan, which is so non-halal (porky stuff in every dish), was surprisingly delicious.

We'd usually avoid pork, but the meat at the restaurant was prepared in so many different ways that the variety kept the flavourful dishes interesting. Here are some pics.

So hot: Spicy hot ramen (RM9.90) for the birthday girl. There is a saying
that you should eat noodles on your birthday as it signifies "long life"

Set lunch: The Spicy Hot Ramen comes in a set lunch. A glass of
thirst-quenching Jasmine Bubble Tea accompanies the dish.

Lunch for two: Taiwanese Meat Ball Rice (RM22.90), a set lunch for
two persons that comes with (clockwise from top) meatball soup,
bean sprouts, rice, meatballs and tofu.

More noodles: Meatball noodles (RM9.90) - meatballs,
noodles and sauce

Dessert: Pumpkin cake (RM3.40) - deep fried, crunchy on the outside,
gooey pumpkin on the inside. Yummy!

Lastly, 우리 어깃씨, 생일 축하합니다. 사랑해요!


Photomofo said...

Just in case you missed it in the last thread...

Happy B-day!

(looks like I'll need to check out KF Panda)


Orchid said...

hey photomofo...thank you. Got the Birthday wish this time! Yeah Kungfu Panda is awesome! HEEEYAH!

giddygirl108 said...

Happy birthday to you too, Orchid! I did happen to watch Kung Fu Panda yesterday and I totally agree; it was absolutely AWESOME! Although during the credits, I did not hear Rain's version of the song. I'm thinking his singing is in all of the versions for the Asian audience?

Orchid said...

@giddygirl108 Ya perhaps you are right. =) Anyway i was happy to hear Rain's voice at the end. It made my day.

Wendy said...
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Michelle said...


My birthday was yesterday~ (=

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Orchid!
*drool* omg taiwanese food has ALWAYS looked so good to me... Oh those pumpkin cakes *me wants*

Gail T. said...

happy birthday, orchid! kimchi kisses ! <3

chisa said...

oh my goodness! my birthday is also today (well yesterday for's still june 16 for me, hehe).

never thought i'd be connected to k-popped this way? O.o

wawa said...

happy birthday orchid! (okay, i wished you on facebook edi)... hahaha!

i wanna watch KFP.... lalalala!

Johan said...

Eargh! I was in Mid Valley as well, at the gym working out on that day, then caught Incredible Hulk at the movies as well! So close, yet so far they say.

Anyways, am glad you had an enjoyable birthday Orchid. Here's to many more in the years to come!

Orchid said...

@chisa & michelle...happy belated birthday!! =)

Johan, you sound like u had a very nice day...working out at the gym then off to the movies! yeah so near yet so far.

Chianz said...

Saeng-i chuka ham-nida ya Orchid sshi.. ^.^

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!! looks like you had a fun day. i LOVED kung fu panda! my favorite character might have to be po's cute! oh man, the taiwanese meal you had looks so yummy. pumpkin cakes? how this a common taiwanese dessert b/c i've never heard of it. does anyone here like stinky/smelly tofu? i love it! when i think of taiwanese food..i think of stinky tofu! yum...

popeye said...

hepi bday orchid.

u look pretty. at least, your backside is.

meiruo_chan said...

though it's a bit late, happy birthday Orchid!

Orchid said...

Thanks for all your bday wishes. =)


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