Tuesday, 3 June 2008

South Koreans protest US beef imports

A group of protesters against U.S. beef climb the roof of the
police buses after tying them together and dragging them
50 m toward City Hall on midnight, Sunday in front of
Gwanghwamun, downtown Seoul. - Pic Digital Chosunilbo

The South Koreans' candlelight virgil against a beef import deal with the US escalated into a clash with riot police on June 1.

Protesters who gathered in central Seoul lit candles, sang songs and called for the agreement to be scrapped. Protesters want the Government to renegotiate beef imports with the US over an agreement that reportedly does not protect against mad cow disease.

According to Digital Chosunilbo, 40,000 protesters took part in the demonstration.

Around 5 a.m. on Sunday, 117 riot police tried to disperse the demonstrators, arresting 228 demonstrators -- 196 men and 32 women. The clash left some 100 demonstrators and 41 police officers injured.

Riot police fire tear gas to disperse the demonstrators

A protester is wrestled to the ground by riot police...

...and carried away.

Source: FoxNews & Digital Chosunilbo
Pics: As credited


Anonymous said...

that's a shit-load of ppl with a lot of time on their hands. this whole riot has gotten way out of control. mass hysteria and paranoia at it's pathetic worse. these ppl forget that just a little over a generation ago...they were poorer than frickin dirt. they couldn't even afford meat let alone care where their beef is coming from. this crap pisses me off!

Anonymous said...

everything seems wrong since the KORUS FTA agreement
i am proud of the protestants <3
나도 미친소 섫어!

kpop-rubba said...

omg these people need to get a fucking life and protest something REAL...jeez people are being INTENTIONALLY KILLED by their governments and in neighboring countries and do these people care?doesnt seem like-but screw with their bbq and their up in arms...

honestly they're still supporting the needless murder of millions sentient beings...thats what should be protested. They should take this time to enjoy veggie dishes!

Anonymous said...

^perhaps u are ONLY into kpop thats why u do not really know the real matter
people are not just protesting for the sake of US BEEF
they are protesting for the korean farmers and also for the safety of beef
importing US beef means exposing to the risks of getting mad cow decease
you see why korean beef are so expensive because of the quality control

i don't think anyone of us has the right to criticise the protestants, moreover, u do not know what's the real situation

lurker said...

seriously, anonymous?

seriously, you have like a 2000 times GREATER chance of getting hit by LIGHTNING than you do of getting mad cow disease.
so is it really worth this hysteria? don't these people have something more productive to do with their time?
i can't believe these people are all crazy enough to believe that all US beef has mad cow disease. if that were the case, would so many americans be eating it daily?
i can understand protecting the korean farmers, but protests such as these are too much.
these people are the ones who are crazy.

Anonymous said...

they are just doing things that they think that it's right
almost 200k people died of mad cow, now u find me the number of people getting hit by lightning
너 미국사람이지? 아무거도 모르면서 = ="

charzzzzy! said...


Anonymous said...

actually it's 200 people in uk. that's pretty high number of people effected by the disease. where did you get your facts from? 1/2000 of getting hit by a lightning? you sure?

Anonymous said...

^^^and exactly how many of these 200 UK's were killed by mad cow disease from American beef? do the research and get back to me cuz there's a shit load of Americans eating their own beef and they're fine. sure, protest for the local beef farmers who will be affected by this agreement...that's legit. but don't disguise it with pathetic propoganda about mad cow's disease. and the high price of beef in korea = quality control? are you kidding me??? are you sure it's not b/c local farmers have a monopoly since korea doesn't get beef imported from anywhere? don't fall for the BS! and it's "protesters" not "protestants"...protestants are a religious group. but oh wait...maybe you're on to something since there's mass hysteria in religion too.

Anonymous said...

^너도 미친소 많이 먹어나봐

Anonymous said...

no don't you get it? would you support a government that imports risky(who cares about the percentage as long as it has more probability) and unsafe products? yeah sure maybe not even 100 people will get affected by it. but, why us? why do a experiment of 30 month and older beef when no other nation in the whole wide world wouldn't? you think you will die eating out of a garbage can? not likely. but would you? f%#$ no

Anonymous said...

Seriously, they act like it is a big deal. OK protest if you want but lets do a reality check people. Which is more important the beef or some one dying because of poverty? Geez

Anonymous said...

They have enough veggie in their diet.

They feel that the govt has betrayed their trust. And sacrificed their health. All for the sake of - what's it? Some FTA?

0.01% or whatever is still some probability. I support the protestors!

betchay said...

they (we) are protesting because we live in a democracy... the first protests were pretty peaceful (i was at two candlelight vigils) and it was only a week or so ago that it got violent, and all because some protesters tried to break the police line... i was there on the first night that some protesters were arrested... the police begged them to back off but some wanted to go to cheongwadae... long story... as for the reasons why people are protesting... it's not just because of the 30-month old beef but also because people are alarmed at 2MB's governing style

Anonymous said...

Where exactly are you getting that 200 number from?

As for safety? Can you say Bird flu? Not to mention the fact that according to the world organization that regulates beef export, Korea hasn't even submitted enough information to assess the safety of their beef!

I agree that Koreans have the right to protest US beef but they could've found and articulated better reasons than mad cow disease.

Anonymous said...

The US beef industry is subsidised by the US govt through billion of $$ of farm subsidies every year. This practise is corporate welfare and hypocritical of a country that preaches capitalism. So US gets to put Korean farmers out of work while protecting their own markets.
All over the world including Malaysia, local agriculture have totally lenyap because of US political pressure to open markets.
Koreans are totally right in protesting.

Anonymous said...

then why not protest the fta or protest in the name of supporting korean farmers. it is pretty ridiculous to use bogus reasons of mad cow disease, which has yet to kill any koreans, to hold candlelight vigils which should be held in the name of victims of disasters or unlawful killings.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see a country like S. Korea that was once so earnest and hardworking become so decadent. If this is the most important issue the S. Korean youth can think of to protest, then the country is in serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ MY ARTICLE, from Stephen Fox, Managing Editor Santa Fe Sun News:


Koreans are Right to Protest US Beef Imports...
A harsh examination of the ghastly chemicals added to American beef and to many food products, as well as analysis of what happens when corporate lobbyists gang up to kill consumer protection legislation, not only because of the very valid fears coming from the mad cow syndrome, but because of the nightmarish accumulation of pesticides, antibiotics, steroids, bovine growth hormones manufacturer by that corporate monster Monsanto, and other nasty and entirely avoidable chemicals, which in the mainstream American cattle industry are numerous, too many to even begin to mention here....


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