Saturday, 28 June 2008

Stars at the 45th Daejong Awards in Seoul

Dressed to the nines: (Top, l-r) Kim Sung-ryung,
Han Chae-young and Han Ye-seul. (Bottom, l-r):
Im Soo-jung,
Park Jin-hee and
Kim Ah-joong

The 45th Grand Bell Awards a.k.a the Daejong Awards was held at the Coex Convention Hall in Seoul on June 27. It is touted to be the oldest surviving film fest awards in South Korea.

Here's a peek at some of the more familiar (to us) Hallyu stars at the glitzy event.

Daniel Henney, who has been busy filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine in New Zealand, attended the ceremony to pick up his award for Best New Actor (My Father).

Numero Uno: 'Yeah baby, Daniel Henney's
back, and I'm number #1'

Overwhelmed: 'Oh no, my mind's gone blank...
my Korean's still do I say 'thank
you' in English again?!! Gosh'

Han Ye-seul bagged the award for Best New Actress (Miss Gold Digger).

Winner: 'Me a gold digger? You've gotta be kiddin'.
I'm the one holding the award.'

Meanwhile, Kim Yoon-seok added another trophy to his collection when he won The Most Popular Actor award for his role in The Chaser. Kim bagged the Best Supporting Actor award (Tazza) last year.

Cool as ice: 'Heya. Thanks.'

Kim Yun-jin scooped up the award for The Most Popular Actress (Seven Days) and the award was presented to her by the previous year's winner Kim Ah-joong.

Silky shine: 'Yes, before I announce the
winner...thanks to Pantene, my lustrous
long locks shine.'

Illusion: Did Kim Yun-jin (right) learn a trick or
two from David Copperfield? How did she get her
waist to disappear?

Ho ho ho: 'I bet I scared the pants off all of you
with my waist-disappearing trick! Wanna see
another one?'

The Wondergirls taunted and teased with So Hot. While thespian Choi Jung-won did her Chicago number.

Heatwave: Wondergirls show proof that none of them
missed their waxing appointment.

Cleopatra complex: Choi Jung-won's too lazy to walk today,
so she ordered a few muscle men to help her get around.

MCs: Kim Ah-joong (right) and Choi Ki-hwan
entertain the crowd by flirting with each other

Trophy: Cha Tae-hyun is a Hallyu star!

Pink lady: Im Soo-jung looks radiant after
slapping on some SKII before arriving

Peace to mankind!: Ara (right) translates
Andre Kim's alien speak

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Last year's winners' list:
The 44th Daejong Awards (8th June 2007)


noV said...

Wonder Girls performance? cool~

and Im Soo Jung look so beautiful in that dress...

Ara is Go Ara rite? i think she looks taller now...

itsRaining said...

seriously, where did kim yun jin's waist gone???

the andre kim caption is priceles XDDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

hahaha,d captions are soo funny...lolz, love d caption on daniel henny, andre kim & kim yu jin's waist..i actually have to look twice @ kim yu jin's pic to look for her missing waist.. =Dcha

fraulein said...

Wow, what they say abt Im soo-jung is so true. She does NOT seem to age. At all.
She looks fab as usual.

Daniel Henney looks - sunburnt?

LOL at the comment abt WGs not missing their waxing appt ; )

Photomofo said...

I love Im Soo Jung.

I don't know if its possible to watch "I'm sorry, I love you" and NOT fall in love with her.


Anonymous said...

Her waist is not gone. xD. The back of the dress is "open" so the skin you see is not her hand or anything, it's her back. At first I was like wtf also.:D

Mambo said...

Anonymous said "Her waist is not gone. xD. The back of the dress is "open" so the skin you see is not her hand or anything, it's her back. At first I was like wtf also.:D" that I look at the pic again, it does seem that way. hahaha. Yeah, I had the wtf reaction too.

Mambo said...

Btw, the captions are funny. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I may seem rude, but please. No more lame captions. It's not funny at all and they hurt my eyes.

Anonymous said...

im soo jung and her dresses
OMG they are gorgeous, especially on her


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