Tuesday, 17 June 2008

You Are My Destiny starts showing in Malaysia

Yoona of Sonyeoshidae takes the lead in the drama

If you are a Sonyeoshidae/ Girls' Generation fan, especially Yoona's, then you might want to tune in to KBS World every Monday to Friday at 7.20pm.

Taking over from the very popular Likable Or Not daily drama is You Are My Destiny (너는 내 운명).

You Are My Destiny: The cast of the new daily drama on KBS World

The story is about a very cheerful and positive orphan girl named Jang Sae-byeok (Yoona), who has undergone an eye cornea transplant. It tells about Sae-byeok's relationship with the family and loved ones of the dead girl who donated the corneas to her.

The first episode aired yesterday (June 16) in Malaysia :-). The drama not only has English subtitles, but Chinese subtitles as well! Cool. However, at the start of the show yesterday, the subtitles overlapped with one another and reading was really tough. That technical glitch was sorted out after a while.

Here are some screenshots of the first episode. Take note of the Chinese and English subs. Yippee!

Oh dear: She's looking pretty smug for someone who's late

More than friends: Ah, the confessions of the heart

It's raining: Silly umbrella, it never works when you need it the most

Accident: Don't stand too close to a faulty umbrella, Yoona!

The truth: Boy I sure hope it's the lady who is saying that

Tomorrow: Tune in again, alright?


kokobun said...

i watch it!! but for like 10 minutes..firstly when i tuned on music bank before i was soo glad that they switch the chinese sub to eng sub back! finally!..then when i turned on to you are my destiny and the sub were overlapping and i was like 'WHAT THE HECK??!!'
did the sub went okey back after that??..ahh man!! why cant i be a little more patient!! i been waiting for the drama since last week..X_X

Chianz said...

I watched de whole 1st episode with my mom n sis. ;D evn though de 1st episode ady that's amazing
n interested,can't wait 4 tonite
2nd episode... ^.^''

coro said...

oh my. i missed the final episode of 'likeable or not' last week and now i missed the first episode of 'you are my destiny'.. Oh i got to be home super early today

luvheart said...

me too. i watched it for the 1st 5 minutes only. dunno they fixed the subtitle very fast.. Arghh!! so rugi.

wawa said...

wah...seems like you guys kinda interested with You Are My Destiny... then i must go and check it tonight!

anyway, anyone from here catch Three Daddies & One Mummy?????

Nie said...

You should watch this show!! its so good!! At first it was..eh..but then as I watch more of it its really interesting and you'll like it.

It was the first time I saw Yoona act and I think her acting is good. I'm on episode 28 and waiting for episode 29. I heard this drama is over 160 episode I think.

Don't miss this drama. Its worth watching well in my iopinion anyway
I like SNSD but not crazy about them, but its a really nice drama

To those who want to watch it, you can go to youtube and a subbing team "Soshisubs" is subbing the whole drama~

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do~~Thanks for sharing~


Anonymous said...

I don't think Yoona is a talented actress. But I think she'll improve as the drama growing.

Anonymous said...

omg I love yoona!!!!

meiruo_chan said...

i'm not SNSD fan. but this is a nice drama. since it's a daily drama, of course it's going to be more 100++. but i think it's good to watch. i've got hooked with this after likeable or not.

alchocoholic said...

I saw the 2nd episode today and thought it was ok. Hehe, my mum was so annoyed with the overlapping subs last night but they fixed it really fast. I kinda liked Likable or Not so hopefully this will be good too.

Ooh, and Women of the Sun is starting for us Malaysians on the 25th... anyone know if it's any good?

erv said...

you should seriously watch this. It's so GOOOD!!I'm watching Episode 32 now. Initially, i was skeptical about this drama cause it's 160 Episodes LOOONG!! but seriously, it's worth the time. Haha..mainly because of the good acting and Kang HO se, the main character drama is good looking.

K-popped!! go find out more about this guy and spazzzz about him.
thanks for the headsup!

wawa said...

160 episodes??? wah... so long??

i watched it yesterday (2nd ep) and i'm kinda love it & the best thing is when my mom watched it with me yesterday, she asked me what day & what time the drama gonna air every week!

what does that mean??? i will not hear, 'girl! change the channel' hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

Hi guys..
I've been searching for this drama ost and wallpaper..
Do any of you know where to look?

Orchid said...

@anonymous For wallpaper, just go to the drama's official website.

You are my Destiny website


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