Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Bae Yong-joon's ex-girlfriend Lee Sa-gang in the news

Making news: Lee Sa-Gang, BYJ's ex-girlfriend,
is back in South Korea

The lady who once captured the heart of South Korea's Top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, is currently in the news.

Lee Sa-gang (LSG), who studied filmmaking in London, has reportedly directed a couple of MVs recently such as Tataclan's Chopsticks and Fly to the Sky's Drink and Tell. But that's just to whet your appetite. The main reason she has returned to Korea is to make her feature directorial debut! More on that later.

Directorial debut: The love story sounds
uncannily like real life

Back in December 2003, Bae Yong-joon revealed to the public that he was dating Lee Sa-gang. The then 23-year-old LSG was on the receiving end of much attention both in Korea and Japan. However, the relationship lasted as long as most Hollywood marriages.

The couple called it quits in the summer of 2004 because of their busy schedules. At that time, LSG was already enrolled in a London film school, so after the break-up, she went to Britain.

Lee, now 28, returned to South Korea last year because she was given the opportunity to direct a movie. The talented lady will not only direct, but will also be penning the script for the film, which is reportedly a melodramatic love story between a top Korean star and a Japanese woman.

Hmm...interesting. Doesn't art sorta imitate life now? Cast ex-lover Bae Yong-joon (36) in the lead and you'll hit jackpot with the Japanese ahjummas.

Famous ex-boyfriend aside, LSG is making a name of her own. "I got a Master's from the Central St. Martin's college of Art and have been working for various ad agencies in London and France. I have also worked as a model for sportswear companies," LSG revealed.

Action!: Sa-gang is all serious behind the camera

Apart from that, she also created buzz in the indie circuit with her first short film Sputnik. It was selected as the best student film by the London Film School back in 2002 and was even shown at the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts).

Now that LSG has returned to her homeland, will she be looking to rekindle the romance with a certain Hallyu superstar? We don't know. But LSG's Papa, Lee Jae-yoon, has spoken up saying that he trusts his daughter to make the right decisions.

Papa Lee said: "He (Bae) was so busy so he could not marry soon and Sa Gang had to wait at least three or four years and she just could not do that. She made the decision. I respect her and I let her make her own life decisions."

Sa-gang in her younger days...aww, so cute

Source: StarNews with translations by Joe Gimm & BB's Ramblings
Pics credit: StarNews

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wawa said...

wohoooo! when she dated BYJ, she was only 23 & BYJ was 31...

Anonymous said...

This romance was blown way out of proportion from the beginning and her dad speaking publicly about it 5 years later only fuels the fire. LSG is well aware of this and this is not the first time in the past 5 years she has used BYJ's name to get some press. For her young age she's an old hand at name-dropping. She was dropping his name all over Seoul earlier this year at some photo exhibition that barely had anything to do with BYJ. They were in a dating relationship of only 6 months. Since when is a 6-month relationship a sign that marriage is imminent? It seems weird that 'Papa Lee' needs the public to think it was HIS DAUGHTER'S DECISION to break it off with one of the most famous men in all of Asia. I find this a little odd. More than likely, it was just as much BYJ's decision, possibly due to the fact that LSG had already begun her life in London and also due to the age difference between the two maybe he came to his senses, it is highly unlikely that SHE dumped HIM becuase she didn't want to wait for marriage. Who said he wanted to marry her in the first place?

I really don't like people like this. These things are private. And it was a 6-month relationship, for heaven's sake. Blown way out of proportion.

Anonymous said...

She's had a lot of plastic surgery. Quite possibly more than a couple procedures. It's quite drastic especially on the nose and eyes. Maybe Bae dumped her because he couldn't recognize her anymore. LOL!

daisyjane said...

Maybe she did do some plastic surgery for enhancement. But I do not see why she had to do it. She was very pretty in those old photos ya. And i think she should just keep her past relationship to BYJ private and not talk about it in the press or drop his name for publicity.

Anonymous said...

i agree the chick uses BYJ's name to get publicity. I mean, why do they still use the title "ex-BYJ's girlfriend" in whatever issues relating her?
I mean are they still going to use the title "ex-BYJ's girlfriend" when she's going to get married???

yeah, i mean she looked pretty before. don't know why would resort to surgery. Before surgery, she looked like this Japanese actress. now she looks so typical! ughh!

Anonymous said...

what are you guys sayin'?
If I dated BYJ I would tell the world 'bout it too!
Most of us can't even get within 5 feet of him!

Anonymous said...

She looks the same in all those pictures to me O_o....

She's pretty enough to be in front of the camera rather than behind it. But I agree her name dropping tendency seems kinda low.

Anonymous said...

"why do they still use the title "ex-BYJ's girlfriend" in whatever issues relating her?
I mean are they still going to use the title "ex-BYJ's girlfriend" when she's going to get married???"

Exxxxxxxxxxxxactly. It's like she's been bestowed with legendary status just from dating the guy for six months. The other thing that I hate even more than "BYJ's ex-girlfriend" is "BYJ's former lover". I see that repeatedly in reference to her. Sorry, that's a description of an intimate relationship that the media doesn't even know happened. I find it a very rude way to describe someone. I certainly have never slept with a man I only dated for 6 months. It may sound old-fashioned in today's fast-moving world, but I know a lot of women (and men) who hadn't slept with the person they were dating for 6 motnhs. I'm not saying BYJ and LSG weren't--I'm not that naive--I'm saying what right does the media have to assume they were. Even in the US the media doesn't really refer to people as former lovers unless it was KNOWN for sure, like if the couple lived together or had been together for years. I know, I'm nit-picking just a little, but that bugs me.

Anyway, I really wonder if BYJ has ever regretted his decision to go public with her name 5 years ago. He didn't have to do that. He could have dated her privately for those 6 months, then it would have neded and no one would have ever known. He must have placed a lot of trust in this young girl, only to see her slightly abuse that trust. She hasn't done anything horrible but she's shown some instances of lack of discretion and some immaturity.

And as far as "plastic surgery, so what?"....um. I do think there is something wrong with a person who needs to get that many procedures at such a young age, yes. Especially when there was nothing wrong with her face before. I'm not judging just from these photos, but from others I've seen (from the photo exhibit earlier in the year--her face looked like a mask, it was kind of shocking).

Anonymous said...

"neded" = ended.


janeberryblue said...

omg i don't think i've seen such a pretty female director. she's gonna have to deal with so much crap from the film industry because everyone knows how elitist men can be :P

thanks for sharing! what a lucky gal!

alchocoholic said...

I'm sure she's beautiful, smart and talented but so are a lot of people in the world. I mean, let's face it... she wouldn't even be making the news if she didn't date byj before.

I've never heard anything about her namedropping or anything but I agree that it's bad taste for her father to speak about it after so long.

I doubt they'll get back together though... he could basically have any other woman he wants so why on earth would he want to rekindle a relationship that happened years ago!

daisyjane said...

I don't think Bae Yong Joon will go back to her since in a recent interview he told the press that he is still looking for a mate. heheh

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I think she is too far in the past for BYJ to want to return to that. He doesn't seem the type. Some people are very good at releasing the past completely and he did say in a very recent interview that he has learned to let go of the past and only live in the present and move forward. He was not referring to anything specific in the past, just he was mentioning that he feels it was something he learned was important for his development as a person.

And he can't be pleased with her daddy talking to the press. If I were a man, I would not go back to a woman whose father was like that. It hints of other problems.

Gintama said...

She's really pretty... Kind of reminds me of Im Soo Jung and Jung Ryeo Won mixed together... Too bad she has to resort to this for attention...

Anonymous said...

Bae Yong Joon has said that his type of woman is like Annette Benning, who to me is beautiful, intelligent, emotionally sensitive, independent at the same time that she can be co-dependent, and dependent in her relations to a mate.
I do not think this young girl is anywhere near the ideal of Annette Benning.

Anonymous said...

byj is known for being such a quiet guy and he's so private about his personal life.he made a press release 5 yrs ago about his relationship with LSG. for a type of person like him, this means that he's really inlove with this young girl and he took the consequences of having an undisclosed life from the public. after the then relationship i have'nt heard about any of his girlfriend/s or maybe he doesn't seem to have any after that. i just hate the idea that they still connect her with BYJ after all she has a name and she does'nt have to be entitiled as "BYJ's ex" all the time. i just wish BYJ would announce to the press one day that he has a new love,a new girl and they will soon marry!! that LSG's father is so assuming about the marriage bliss for God's sake, his family should'nt have to say such things as if they has something to do or they still has relationship with BYJ.

Anonymous said...

I think this girl are too over reactive. so please the pass is, the pass. Don't talking shit about people if you don't even know them. :D

paj said...

stupit girl this day that so into guy....... :D

paj said...

BJY......I believe that you will find a perfect ladie... :D

Desiree said...

papa lee is over reacting. is lsg that desperate to be married off? she must have make the biggest mistake in her life for breaking up with the most elegible bachelor in Korea entertainemnt industry and now she is trying to name dropping to built her status

shines said...

Oh no.....pls Bae Yong Jun don't ever look back this girl again cos from her photo i saw here, she is not the girl who is suitable for you. You will find one who is suitable, your future wife when time is ripe she will appear or maybe you already found her just don't annouce it when time is not ripe yet.
All the best to you and your career.


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